This post is mainly written to help users uninstall 5KPlayer from their computers in a correct and effective way. Through reading the article, you will also learn some useful tips on how to correctly install software and avoid installing additionally unwanted programs

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Part 1 – What is 5KPlayer?

Part 2 – Detailed information of 5KPlayer

Part 3 – Correct way to install free software

Part 4 – Effective guide to uninstall stubborn programs

Part 5 – Common problems caused when uninstalling programs

Part 6 – Right Way to uninstall 5KPlayer from computer


What is 5KPlayer?


Developed by DearMob.Inc, 5KPlayer is a mixture of free (MKV) HD video player, music player, AirPlay media streamer and online video downloader. The multiple media player is able to play 180+ video formats and 60+ audio formats, such as MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MP3, AAC, APE and FLAC, play DVDs (even with region codes and copy protections). In addition, 5KPlayer can receive satellite radio to help you listen to the radio from, such as BBC, Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, XFM, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Absolute Radio and Classic Roc.


5KPlayer is more than just a free HD media player, is the rare freeware having complete functions.

Video and music player: Supporting differed media formats and video resolutions, it plays DVDs (discs, ISO files and VIDEO_TS folders), Ultra HD 4K-8K videos, 1080p/720p videos, 3D videos, as well as videos and audios with the file extensions of mpg4, mpeg, mkv, m2ts, avi, divx mtv, ogm, flv, mov, 3gp, mp3, aac, ac3, caf, m4a and so on.

AirPlay receiver and sender: 5KPlayer has a distinct feature to receive AirPlay stream, and send video or music from an iPhone 7, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch on Windows/Mac OS and free streams MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3, AAC from iMac, MacBook/Windows 10/8/7 to Apple TV 4, AirPlay speakers wirelessly.

Online video downloader: Beyond downloading videos from YouTube, it supports as many as about 300 other online videos sites, such as Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Vevo and Metacafe that are frequently used by PC users. It can convert the videos to MP3 and AC3.

Personal media manager: 5KPlayer acts like a media library such that users can manage and play videos and music conveniently.

Source from its official website



Detailed information of the program


Name: 5KPlayer

Publisher: DearMob.Inc

Type: Application

File size: 39.56MB

Latest version: 5KPlayer 4.1

Default installation directory: C:\Program Files\DearMob\5KPlayer

Default uninstaller: C:\Program Files\DearMob\5KPlayer\unins000

System requirement: Windows 7/Vista/8/10/XP

Official website:

Correct way to install free software

How to install freeware correctly can you avoid installing additional unwanted programs? Not all of the freeware you download from website are 100% virus or malware clean. Some of the free software may carry rouge applications or potentially unwanted programs. If you pay no attention to the installation process, you will install additionally unknown programs on computer along with the chosen software.


To avoid installing extra applications, first you should download the freeware from its official website. Second, carefully read the EULA and select Advanced or Custom installation instead of Quick or Default installation. Third, do not agree to install recommended software. Fourth, never check the box to install additional programs which usually checked by default and hidden within the Advanced or Custom installation. You need to be extremely careful. If you master the useful tips mentioned above, it will be a good way to prevent your PC from malware or virus attacking.


In addition, you may encounter another situation when installing freeware from website. Some additional programs may be bundled with the free software by default that you can’t choose to install or not. 5KPlayer is a typical example. To guide you to uninstall this freeware effectively, I install 5KPlayer from its official website and find that there is an extra application Bonjour bundled with the target software. If you don’t need the software, you can follow the guide (Click Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program/Add or Remove Programs) to uninstall the additional software from computer.



Sometimes, you may think it is an easy way to uninstall an unwanted program via Windows Add or Remove Programs. However, it is not. In reality, there are lots of files left over by the unneeded program after you install it on computer. In other words, the remnants are hidden behind in your disk and Registry that users often ignore. Just like 5KPlayer application, users may encounter all kinds of issues when uninstalling the program from Windows or MAC. Can’t uninstall it via Control Panel? Can’t fully uninstall it from computer? 5KPlayer runs but you don’t how to stop it? This may be one of the problems you may encounter when uninstalling an unwanted program.




Don’t be panic when you have difficulties in uninstalling 5KPlayer. If you take a correct way to uninstall it, you will be able to quickly and completely get rid of it from your Windows or MAC. To easily, quickly and effectively uninstall 5KPlayer from your machine, computer expert always recommends using a Professional Uninstall Tool.



Common Problems You May Encounter When Uninstalling an Unwanted Program

As I mentioned before, uninstalling an unwanted program is never an easy thing. Here, I will list some common problems you may encounter below when uninstalling unneeded programs.

First – You can’t find out the unwanted program from the list of installed programs.

Second – you may receive a pop up window saying the program can’t be uninstalled.

Third – You can’t find the Uninstall or Remove button when uninstalling the unwanted program.

Fourth – The unneeded program still runs but you have removed it.


In general, the reasons to cause these problems may be various. E.g. The configuration information of the program has been deleted. The program’s files and registry keys have been damaged or corrupted. Improper installation leads to an incomplete uninstall. The program you want to uninstall is stubborn or problematic application. The residual files left over by the program are not deleted. Or your PC has been infected malware or virus. All of the above issues can be solved with the help of the Advanced Uninstall Tool. Please note that the simple manual removal method can’t help you remove such problematic programs.



Right Way to Uninstall 5KPlayer from PC

In general, the correct way to uninstall any unwanted programs from computer is via Windows Add or Remove Programs. However, this way doesn’t always help to uninstall all the unwanted programs from your PC. For stubborn, hidden or corrupted programs, the Standard Add or Remove Programs can’t deal with them. In other words, these stubborn programs can be efficiently removed with the help of a professional uninstall tool. Of course, if you are going to try the manual uninstall steps to uninstall any unwanted programs like 5KPlayer from your PC, please look at the detailed steps listed below.


STEP1. Uninstall 5KPlayer with Windows Add or Programs.

STEP2. Uninstall 5KPlayer with its default uninstaller.

STEP3. Delete the remnants left over by 5KPlayer.


The manual steps are quite complicated and time-consuming which is not suitable for computer novices to execute. For inexperienced users, we highly recommend using an automatic uninstall tool to uninstall 5KPlayer easily and quickly.



Manual Steps


Note: If the program still runs in the background, you will receive a pop up window saying “uninstall has detected that 5KPlayer is currently running” when you uninstall 5KPlayer, which means that you have to close the program before continuing the further step. Therefore, we suggest you to stop the program’s running before uninstalling it.

Right-click on the program’s icon on the taskbar and choose Exit option to stop its running.




STEP1. Uninstall unwanted 5KPlayer via Control Panel.


For Windows 7/Vista user:


Click Start menu and select Control Panel.


Click Uninstall a program under Programs.


Search for the unwanted program from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall to remove it.


After a window pops up, click Yes button to continue the uninstall process.


Click OK button to complete the program uninstall.




For Windows 8/10 user


Right-click Start menu and select Programs and Features.


In the opened window, look for the unwanted program from the listed installed programs and click Uninstall to remove it.


Then you will receive a dialog box as shown below. Click Yes button to start uninstalling the program.


In the dialog box, click OK button to finish the uninstall process.



For Windows XP user

Click Start menu and select Control Panel.


Select Add or Remove Programs category.


Find out the unneeded program 5KPlayer and click Remove button to uninstall it. After a dialog box pops up, click Yes button. Then you will receive a message box that tells you the program has been successfully removed from your PC. Click OK button to close the window.


Important note: If the program doesn’t appear in the list of installed programs, you should run an Automatic uninstall tool to forcibly uninstall 5KPlayer from your PC.



STEP2. Uninstall 5KPlayer with its default uninstaller.


If the Windows Add or Remove Programs can’t help you uninstall 5KPlayer, you can try to uninstall the unwanted program using its built-in uninstaller.

Please follow the path below to run 5KPlayer built-in uninstaller.

C:\Program Files\DearMob\5KPlayer\unins000


When you find out the built-in uninstaller “unins000”, double-click it and then follow the on-screen instruction Yes – OK to quickly uninstall the program.


STEP3. Delete the remnants left over by 5KPlayer.

When you finish the above steps, you still need to delete 5KPlayer related files, folders and registry entries. Only in this way can you make sure a complete removal.

Lots of files and folders below are left behind on your disk by 5KPlayer after you uninstall the program. You need to check and delete them one by one.

C:\Program Files\DearMob\5KPlayer










C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\5KPlayer

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\5KPlayer

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\5KPlayer


After finishing deleting the files and folders left over by 5KPlayer, navigate to your Registry Editor and clean all the associated registry entries created by the unwanted program.

Please follow the guide below to open Registry Editor.

(Note: The following steps are suitable for Windows 7/Vista/XP/8/10)

Simultaneously press Windows + R keys on the keyboard.


Then a dialog box will pop up as shown below. Type regedit into the run box and click OK button.


In the Registry Editor window, click Edit menu and select Find/Find Next option or simultaneously press Ctrl + F key on the keyboard.


Then you will receive a message box. Type 5KPlayer into the box and click Find Next button.


Delete the following registry keys:




If you want to get a complete removal, I suggest you to check every registry key and clean all the remnants left over by 5KPlayer.






Note: Repeat the above steps. Type the program’s name into the box and click Find Next button.


After finishing the searching of 5KPlayer, now you should change to type DearMob (The publisher of 5KPlayer) into the dialog box and click Find Next button.


Delete the following registry keys:







HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\5KPlayer.aac\ DefaultIcon




Warning: Registry is a system core that stores a lot of important settings and files. Any mistakes may cause serious system problems even break down the entire system. If you are an inexperienced PC user, you are not suitable to perform this complicated and time-consuming step. In order to computer security, computer experts strongly recommend using an Automatic Uninstaller to safely clean all the associated registry keys left over by 5KPlayer.



Auto Uninstall Guide


Why users should use automatic uninstall tool to uninstall any unwanted programs? Automatic uninstaller is the easiest, safest and the most effective way to deal with all the stubborn or corrupted programs. Totally different from the manual uninstall steps, auto uninstall tool won’t refer to lots of complicated steps. Although you a computer novice, you can easily manage it to uninstall 5KPlayer from your PC with just a few simple steps.


Uninstall 5KPlayer with Perfect Uninstaller (Quick & Effective)

Perfect Uninstaller is an easy-to-use uninstall tool specially designed to uninstall any unwanted programs easier, faster and safer than Windows Add or Remove Programs. With Perfect Uninstaller, you can forcibly uninstall any stubborn/hidden/corrupted programs that the Standard Add or Remove Programs can’t remove. In addition, the excellent uninstall tool can quickly identify and clean all the associated registry entries and junk files that 5KPlayer left over. Moreover, the professional uninstall tool can help you disable unnecessary start-up programs to accelerate PC booting and improve your PC performance & speed!

Download Perfect Uninstaller by clicking the button below.


  • When a window appears, click Next button.


  • Select I accept the agreement and then click Next button.


  • Keep following the on-screen instruction, select Destination Location and then click Next button.


  • Choose the additional tasks you like and click Next button.


  • Click Install button to continue with the installation.


  • Click Finish button to complete Perfect Uninstaller setup wizard.


Once finished installing, run Perfect Uninstaller to free uninstall 5KPlayer by following the simple steps listed below.


Step1. Select the unwanted program from the list and click Uninstall button.


Step2. Then a message box will pop up as shown below. It shows you the detailed information of the program including its version, install location, publisher and the homepage link. Click Next button to continue the uninstall process.


Step3. After a dialog box pops up, click Next button.


Step4. Then you will receive a dialog box as shown below. Click Next button to remove 5KPlayer and all of its components.


Step5. Keep following the on-screen instruction and click OK button to finish the uninstall process.


Step6. After that, click Yes button to remove residual file left over by 5KPlayer.


Step7. Now, Perfect Uninstaller is scanning your registry and drives for the left over files. Please wait for a moment.


Step8. Once finished scanning, Perfect Uninstaller will list all the associated registry keys and files created by 5KPlayer. Click Next button to delete them from your PC.



Note: If the Uninstall Function of Perfect Uninstaller can’t help you uninstall 5KPlayer, use Force Uninstall function directly. This powerful function is specially designed to uninstall any stubborn programs forcibly.

Step1. Select the unwanted program and click Force Uninstall.


Step2. Follow the guide below to search for 5KPlayer folder. Usually, the program default installation location is C:\Program Files\DearMob\5KPlayer. (After a dialog box pops up, scroll down your cursor, you will find the target folder.)



Step3. Click Next button to scan the target folder and the residual files.


Step4. Once finished scanning, Perfect Uninstaller will list all the registry keys and files created by 5KPlayer. Click Next button to delete them.


Note: Perfect Uninstaller’ free version just provides a free scan to your registry and drives. To completely uninstall the unwanted program and delete its temporary files and registry keys, you need to register and purchase our product. Click Yes button to register and activate Perfect uninstaller.


Still have issues in uninstalling 5KPlayer? Why not run a Free Program Uninstaller to quickly and completely remove the unwanted program from your PC? Download the automatic uninstall tool by clicking the button below.


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