Anyone shares the same problem with me? I can’t find BitTorrent from the programs list in Control Panel when I try to uninstall it from my PC. Someone suggests that I remove this program by using Windows command prompt, but I have no ideas how to do that. I am a novice user and the only way I know to uninstall a program is via Control Panel. But this way doesn’t work now. Are there any other ways to uninstall BitTorrent? How can I remove this program thoroughly? Please help me.

Quite a few PC users reflect that they cannot completely uninstall BitTorrent from their computers. Most of them fail to remove this program since they can’t find it in the section of Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features, where they usually uninstall programs. Some receive error messages after clicking the Remove or Uninstall button and the uninstallation cannot proceed. And some other users just get stuck during the unisntallation process for unknown reason. Since the causes are varied, a general user may not be able to find the real cause of the problem, or even though he does, he is not able to resolve it with his limited computer knowledge. So, it is important to find the effective way to complete the uninstallation.

Are you one among those users who encounter complicated issues when attempting to remove BitTorrent? Have no ideas how to completely uninstall BitTorrent from Your PC?

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Description of BitTorrent

Software Full Name BitTorrent
Setup File Name BitTorrent.exe
Setup Size 2.42MB
Installation Folder C:\Program Files\BitTorrent
Executable file location: C:\Program Files\BitTorrent\bittorrent.exe
Operating Systems WindowsXP/Vista/7/8/8.1
Developer BitTorrent Inc.
Official Site

BitTorrent is one of the most common peer-to-peer protocols used to transfer files (videos, music, movies, games, documents, and other material not covered by copyright) over the Internet using minimum Internet bandwidth. If the Internet is a highway, then BitTorrent is one of the ways of transporting files down that highway. Unlike other download ways, BitTorrent maximizes transfer speed by gathering pieces of the file you want and downloading these pieces from several sources in chunks at once. This process makes the download of very large files much faster than other protocols like FTP and HTTP. Imagine you want to acquire a 1G movie file. If you download it from a single source, it can take quite a bit of time. But using the BitTorrent protocol can save you much time, since it is smart enough to seek out multiple people who have the same movie file and download it from different sources at the same time.

Below is an image showing BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer download process:

Image source:

Is BitTorrent Safe?

Quite a lot of computer users often ask whether Bittorrent is safe. This is a complicated question. We can just say it depends. BitTorrent itself is relatively safe and malware-free; however, if you don’t use it properly, you may bring there would be some potential risks which may include:

  • Cyber attacks and hacking
  • Malware attacks
  • Bandwidth throttling and/or monitoring by your ISP
  • Legal risk (only applies to specific users)

For more details about the risks, please visit here:

Problems You Could Experience When Uninstalling BitTorrent

For a certain reason, you may want to uninstall BitTorrent from your PC; however, you could experience some problems which hinder you from uninstalling it smoothly. Here is a list of the problems:

  • The program doesn’t appear in the Add or Remove Programs/Programs Features window.
  • The program is removed, but comes back after the computer gets restarted.
  • There is an error message popping up and warning that you have no privilege to uninstall the program.
  • The program’s built-in uninstaller gets corrupted or missing, and the Windows fails to generate it and perform the uninstallation.
  • The program is unluckily infected by malware and can’t be removed through Windows uninstall utility.

Different Methods to Uninstall BitTorrent from Your Computer

There are different methods to uninstall BitTorrent from your PC, but not all of them are recommended, considering the effectiveness and safety. Here we will list several methods and you can select one of them according to your own situation.

Method 1: Uninstall the program with a third-party uninstaller.
Method 2: Uninstall the program through Control Panel.
Method 3: Uninstall the program using its built-in uninstaller.
Method 4: Uninstall the program via Registry Editor.

* Before getting down to the uninstallation, you should do these:

  • Log on your PC as an administrator.
  • Exit BitTorrent from your computer by opening Windows Task Manager and terminating all its related process.


Method 1: Uninstall the program with a third-party uninstaller.

This method is fit for users who have problems in removing the program through the normal uninstall ways, and those who want to clean all leftover files and entries of the program. By using a third-party uninstaller, many problems can be resolved easily and quickly. Here we recommend using Perfect Uninstaller.

What Is Perfect Uninstaller?Perfect Uninstaller is a professional uninstaller developed to help uninstall any unwanted program from your PC completely. With advanced technologies, this uninstaller not only uninstalls common software programs without traces left, but also forcibly removes the corrupted, stubborn and incompletely-installed/uninstalled programs from your PC.


Please follow the steps below:

Click the button below to download Perfect Uninstaller setup file on your PC.


Locate and run the file you have downloaded, and then follow the setup wizard to install Perfect Uninstaller on your PC.

Once the installation is done, launch Perfect Uninstaller by double clicking on its icon on the desktop. Then, you will see all installed programs on its main screen. Highlight BitTorrent, and then click the Uninstall button.

An Uninstall Wizard window will open. Click Next to proceed.

In the new window, click Next again.


Then, a small window will open and ask if you remove residual file. Click Yes button.


Perfect Uninstaller will now start scanning the registry for the leftover entries and the drives for the leftover files. You should wait until the scanning is done, and then click the Next button.

Then, you will be shown all registry entries and files found in your system. To remove them all, click the Next button.

If you haven’t registered in Perfect Uninstaller, you will be prompted a dialog box requiring you to register now. Click Yes if you would like to register in Perfect Uninstaller and accomplish a thorough removal of BitTorrent from your PC.




Method 2: Uninstall the program through Control Panel.

Uninstalling a program through Control Panel is the most common method for most computer users. However, this is not the most effective way to uninstall programs. It fails in many cases, for example, if the program’s buit-in uninstaller gets corrupted, Windows cannot uninstall the program successfully. This is because that Windows usually uninstalls a program relying on its built-in uninstaller. Besides, Windows can only remove the main part of a program from your computer. There are always some files and entries of the program remain in your system, which could cause your computer to run slowly and even crash down.

Windows XP:

Click on the Start button and click Control Panel.


Double click on the Add/Remove Programs.


Locate the program you want to remove, click it and click on the Remove button.


Click Yes when prompted to confirm that you really want to remove the program.

Windows 7:

Click the Windows Start button and click Control Panel.


In the Control Panel window, click Uninstall a program.


Then, you will see a window that lists all your installed programs. Select BitTorrent and click the Uninstall button.


When a small dialog box appears to ask if you are sure to uninstall the program, confirm the uninstallation.

Then, Windows will start uninstalling the program from your PC.

Windows 8/8.1:

Open the Programs and Features window.

  • Windows 8:Hover the cursor in the bottom-left corner of the screen until a small image of the Start Screen Then, right-click on the icon, and then select Programs and Features from the Start context menu.


  • Windows 8.1:Right-click on the Start icon in the lower left-hand corner, then select Programs and Features from the Start context menu.

Select the program you want to remove, and click the Uninstall button.


When the Uninstall dialog appears, tick all checkboxes to choose components that are available for uninstall and then click the Uninstall button.




Method 3: Uninstall the program using its built-in uninstaller.

Generally, when BitTorrent installed on your PC, its built-in uninstaller will be placed in the program’s installation folder. If this program doesn’t appear in the list of all installed programs in Control Panel, you can try going to its installation folder and run its uninstaller to perform the uninstallation. However, this method is not effective, neither. If you can’t find the uninstaller or the uninstaller has got corrupted, you can’t start the uninstallation at all. Anyway, have a try.

Go to the installation folder of BitTorrent. In that folder, scroll down to look for the program’s buil-in uninstaller. Double-click it and the uninstaller will start uninstalling the program from your PC.

In case that you don’t know where the program’s installation folder is, you can go to the desktop, right click on the icon of BitTorrent and its icon and click Properties.

Under Shortcut, click Find Target option.

Then, the installation folder of the program will be opened. Just find and run the uninstaller to uninstall the program from your PC.

Method 4: Uninstall the program via Registry Editor.

Less computer users this method to uninstall a program, since it is rather complicated and risky. Any wrong operation could result in system malfunction or program failure. Therefore, you’d better back up your registry before editing the registry in case of data loss.

Press Windows + R key combination to open the Run command box. In that box type “regedit.exe” and click the OK button.

type regedit-click ok

When the Registry Editor is open, please follow the two paths below to find out the folder of BitTorrent and delete them.


How to Remove BitTorrent program’s leftovers?

If you use the method 1 to uninstall BitTorrent, you don’t need to do anything to remove the leftovers files, since Perfect Uninstaller should have cleaned all traces of the programs from your system. But if you select the method 2 or the method 3, you need to take extra steps to remove the residual files and entries from your PC. However, to manually find out and remove these leftovers is not only tedious but also risky. If you wrongly delete any important files or registry entries, your system may get damaged and cannot function well. Hence, we highly recommend using a professional uninstaller to automatically delete the useless files and entries of the program from your system.

Click the button below to download Perfect Uninstaller and run it to scan your computer for all components related to BitTorrent right now! You can easily and safely delete these junk files in one more click!


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