How to delete the leftover files after I uninstall Driver Booster? I can’t find anything. Where does it store its settings? I am not familiar with the computer operation. Anyone can guide me to find and delete the program’s files? I need help. Thanks in advance.

Note: If you want to uninstall Driver Booster and delete all its leftover files in an easy and quick way, you can consider using Uninstall Tool.


If you are good at dealing with computer problem, you can skip reading the content below and follow this guide to step by step uninstall the unwanted program and clean its related files and folders.

Basic Information about Driver Booster


File Name: driver_booster_setup.exe

File Size: 16.81MB

The Latest Version: Driver Booster 4.2.0

License: Free & Pro

Release Date: January 11, 2017

Category: Utilities & operating System

Publisher: IObit Information Technology

Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\IObit\Driver Booster

Uninstaller: C:\Program Files\IObit\Driver Booster 4.2.0\unins000.exe

Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Website link:

What is Driver Booster?

Driver Booster is an easy-to-use driver updater program developed by IObit. The powerful driver updater allows you to update your drivers faster and safer than other driver software once installed. The latest version of the program is Driver Booster 4.2.0. It supports all operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Driver Booster automatically scans and identifies outdated, missing and faulty drivers. According to its developer, the program has fixed over 400,000 outdated, missing and incorrect PC drivers. With the help of the driver updater, users can easily and quickly download Intel PC Drivers, Nvidia Drivers, Realtek Drivers, and Microsoft Drivers. Installing such powerful driver software on computer is really convenient and useful. You can avoid some common problems such as slow internet speed & computer freezes. In addition, the new feature of Driver Booster can also help you find the right driver updates for Windows 10 including the new Redstone system.


With Driver Boost 4, users can enjoy smooth and fast game experience since the driver updater can help you detect and update various game components with just one click, such as PhysX, DirectX, OpenAL, VC Runtime, Adobe Flash, UnityWeb, and so on. For game enthusiasts, it is really helpful. Driver Booster 4 has free and pro version. The table below will show the comparison. If you don’t want to read this part, just skip to the next section.

driver-booster-free-4-0-3-322-key-full-download db_left256
Automatically Scan & Identify Outdated, Missing & Faulty Drivers Weak Strong
Download and Update Outdated Drivers with One Click Weak Strong
Smaller Driver Package with New Driver Compression Algorithm Weak Strong
Safer Updating with Qualified WHQL Drivers ONLY Weak Strong
Unlock Driver Update Speed Limit No Yes
Larger Database to Update More Outdated & Rare Drivers No Yes
Reduce System Freezes & Crashes for Better Performance No Yes
Improved Auto Download to Accelerate Download No Yes
Automatically Backup All Drivers for Safe Restore No Yes
Auto Driver Download & Installation during System Idle Time No Yes
Priority to Update Game Components for Better Gaming No Yes
Automatically Update to the Latest Version No Yes
Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand No Yes


When running Driver Booster to scan your computer, you will find that the program often recommends you to install some software programs which claim to give you a better security protection and performance boost. After scanning, it will list some problems found on your computer like registry errors, privacy issues and junk files and then recommend the relevant software to you. The common software it recommends is Advanced SystemCare, IObit Malware Fighter, Smart Defrag and Super Game Boost. If you don’t want to install these unnecessary applications, just leave it alone.



Driver Booster Installation

Driver Booster installation is simple. However, if you just want to install this target software without any additional programs, it is necessary to pay attention to the software installation. Currently, using‘bundle’technique to install extra programs has become a popular way for third parties. When installing the free software, select Custom Install and deselect to install any other software that you are not familiar. If you have installed Advanced SystemCare Free software, you can follow the manual guide in this article to uninstall it if you don’t need it anymore. Please note that not all the additional or recommended software are regular programs. Research shows that most malware are also spread via freeware installation.


The IObit will advertise its other products or irrelevant products on Driver Booster setup wizard, but you can select to install or not. For safety, it is not recommended to install. If you are very interested in the recommended software, you should read its EULA and Privacy Policy carefully. Checking it is safe to install and then you can click Next/Accept button.



Common problems when uninstalling programs

Usually, users will encounter all kinds of problems when uninstalling the unneeded programs. The most common problems are listed below.

  • Can’t find the program in the list in control panel?
  • Add or Remove Programs can’t help uninstall the program completely?
  • Get some troubles or errors when uninstalling the program?
  • Can’t find and delete the leftover files of the program?

The reasons users failed to uninstall a programs are various. The common reasons may be as follows.

  • Improper installation and malware infection
  • Some system software is not compatible with the program
  • The configuration information of the program has been deleted
  • The program’s files and registry entries have been damaged
  • Incomplete uninstall, there are still remnants left in the registry and hard drive

Note: If you encounter the above problems when uninstalling Driver Booster, you can get an instant help via a powerful uninstall tool.

How Can I Uninstall Driver Booster Fast & Safely?

The following instructions can guide you step by step uninstall Driver Booster program from your computer. The manual guide refers to several complicated steps which will be difficult to complete for inexperienced computer users. For non-professional users, it is suggested using a powerful Uninstall Tool.


What Uninstall Tool Can Do for You?

tickUninstall program easier & quicker than Windows Add or Remove Programs.

tickForcibly uninstall stubborn programs that couldn’t be removed via Add or Remove Programs in Windows.

tickDelete all the leftover files (junk files and registry keys) that the program creates and speed up PC.

Program Uninstall Guide

If you are familiar with computer operation, the manual steps are also a useful way to deal with any unwanted programs from computer.

If you find Driver Booster is still running automatically every time you start the computer, follow the guide to terminate it.Right-click the program icon on taskbar and choose Exit option.exist

Step1. Uninstall Driver Booster through Add or Remove Programs in Windows.


For Windows 7/Vista user


Click Start menu and select Control Panel.


Click Uninstall a program under Programs.


In the Programs and Features window, search for the unwanted program from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall to remove it.


After a dialog box pops up as shown below, click Uninstall button.



For Windows XP user


Click Start menu and select Control Panel.


Select Add or Remove Programs category.


In the Add or Remove Programs window, find out Driver Booster 4.2 from the list of installed programs and click Remove button to uninstall it.


After a window pops up, click Uninstall button.


For Windows 8/10 user


Right-click Start menu and select Programs and Features.


In the opened window, look for the unwanted program from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall to remove it. And then follow the on-screen instructions to step by step remove the unwanted program from computer.



Do you encounter the similar problem just like the victim given below when uninstalling Driver Booster? Cannot find the program in the list of installed programs?



Please note that stubborn programs can’t be removed through the Add or Remove Programs. To deal with such obstinate program, computer expert always recommends using an Automatic Uninstall Tool.


Step2. Uninstall Driver Booster with its Default Uninstaller (unins000.exe)


Navigate to C:\Program Files\IObit\Driver Booster 4.2, double-click the program’s default uninstaller unins000.exe and then follow the on-screen instructions to step by step uninstall the unwanted program from your computer.


Step3. Delete the leftover files.

The newly installed program usually creates lots of files in your system when it gets installed. To make sure a complete removal, you need to delete all the residual files created by Driver Booster. Check the following paths and delete the associated folders.

C:\Program Files\IObit\Driver Booster


C:\Document and Settings\IObit



After finishing the above steps, navigate to your Registry and clean the related registry keys that the program left over. Please note that the following steps are available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Simultaneously press Windows + R key on the keyboard.


Then you will receive a dialog box as shown below. Type regedit into the box and click OK button.


In the Registry Editor window, click Edit menu and select Find/Find Next option or simultaneously press Ctrl + F key on the keyboard.


Then a dialog box will pop up as shown below. Type the key word Driver Booster into the box and click Find Next button.


Clean the associated registry keys.


To make sure a complete removal, we suggest checking each registry key on the left side of the Registry window.







Repeat the above steps: Click Edit menu and select Find; Type the key word Driver Booster/IObit into the box and click Find Next button. If you receive the following dialog box, it shows that all the registry entries have been removed.


ATTENTION: It can be very difficult to identify all the associated registry entries that Driver Booster creates for an inexperienced computer user. The registry files may be appeared with a different name. To make sure you have successfully removed all the files, we suggest you to scan the computer with a powerful Uninstall Tool.


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