I have a problem with updating Internet Download Manager to the latest version. It was two days ago when I tried to cover the old version with the new one, but there was an error and the update stopped. So, I planned to uninstall the old version first. However, after I went to the Add or Remove Programs, I found it was not in the list. It is so weird. What can I do now? Please help me!

Have you ever encountered the above problem or any other problems when uninstalling Internet Download Manager? We see many PC users looking for solutions to removal of certain programs from their PCs. They would encounter various problems when attempting to uninstall the unwanted programs. For example, some of them don’t find the unwanted programs in the list of installed programs; some keep receiving error messages during the uninstall process; and some others just get stuck halfway through the removal. No matter what your problem is, you can find the solution in this article.

Download Automatic Uninstaller to Remove Internet Download Manager Easily & Completely

What Is Internet Download Manager?

Software Full Name Internet Download Manager
Setup File Name idman625build20.exe
Full Setup Size 6.53MB
Latest Version 6.25 Build 20
Latest Version Release On May 25, 2016
Developers Tonec

IDMInternet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool that helps you to increase download speed, resume and schedule downloads. It has a smart download logic accelerator that enable it to segment downloaded files dynamically during download process and reuse available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve best acceleration performance. This tool integrates into many types of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AO, Avant Browser and MyIE2 to automatically handle your downloads. You can drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. This tool can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it finishes the downloading. In a word, IDM is a perfect accelerator tool to download your favorite software, game applications, audio & video files, and any other things much faster!

What Cause the Difficulty of Uninstalling IDM Completely?

  • This program doesn’t appear in the list of all installed programs at all.
  • This program was not properly installed on the computer.
  • This program’s built-in uninstaller has been missing for unknown reason.
  • This program’s important files have been corrupted due to man-made mistakes.
  • This program has been damaged by malware.
  • This program has been incompletely uninstalled.
  • This program’s related files and registry entries remain in the C drive and Windows registry.

How to Uninstall Internet Download Manager from Your PC?

Normally, you can uninstall an unwanted program via the Windows uninstall utility, namely going to the Control Panel and removing the program from the window of Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features. But this method has a defect that the related files and registry entries of the program won’t be completely cleaned from your PC. As time goes by, more and more junk files will accumulate in you system and slow down your PC. So, it is highly recommended that you uninstall Internet Download Manager and other needless programs by using Perfect Uninstaller, a third-party uninstaller that can completely uninstall any unwanted program and thoroughly clean up the related files and registry entries from your PC.

To uninstall IDM from your PC, you can choose one of the methods below. But we want to tell you a secret that, if you choose the method 1, you will save much time and trouble.

Method 1:Remove IDM with Perfect Uninstaller

Method:Remove IDM via the Windows uninstall utility

Method 1:Remove IDM with Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful uninstall tool designed to help completely uninstall any unwanted program on your PC. It has been proved that, Perfect Uninstaller removes not only common software programs, but also the damaged, broken, corrupted, stubborn, and incompletely-installed programs. Besides, it will also clean all leftover files and entries of the installed programs from your PC. By using this powerful tool, you can make the program uninstall easy and effective.

Now you can follow the steps below to perform a fast and thorough removal of IDM by using Perfect Uninstaller!

» Download Perfect Uninstaller on your PC.


» Install Perfect Uninstaller by following the setup wizard.

» Once you finish the installation, launch this uninstaller. Then, you will see all programs & plugins installed on your PC on its main screen.

» To uninstall Internet Download Manager, you first need to locate it and then click the Force Uninstall button. When a small window pops up, click the OK button to continue.

click force-uninstall

» Then, click the icon as shown below.


» Browse for the folder of Internet Download Manager. Click on it and click OK.

click OK

» After that, click the Next button.


» And then, Perfect Uninstaller will start scanning the registry for the leftover entries and the drives for the leftover files. Just wait when it does this work. When the scanning is done, you need to click Next again.


» Click Next to proceed.


»Then, all files and registry entries related to the program will be shown to you. Click Next and Perfect Uninstaller will start deleting all found leftover registry entries and files from your PC (Note: If you haven’t registered in Perfect Uninstaller, you will be prompted a dialog box saying that registration is required if you want to successfully uninstall the application).



Method 2:Remove IDM via the Windows uninstall utility

If you insist in removing the program via Windows uninstall utility, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  • For Windows XP/7/Vista: Click Start and select Control Panel.


  • For Windows 8: Right click the left bottom of your screen, and then select Control Panel.


2. Open the window that lists all programs currently installed on your PC.

  • For Windows XP: Double click Add or Remove Programs.


  • For Windows 7/Vista/8: Click Uninstall a program under the Programs


3. Remove the unwanted program.

  • For Windows XP: Highlight the program you want to remove, click Remove.
  • For Windows 7/Vista/8: Highlight the program you want to remove, click Uninstall.

remove IDM program windows8

4. Confirm the uninstallation and wait the Windows to uninstall the program from your PC.

Remove IDM’s related files & registry entries manually.

Since the Windows uninstall utility can’t clean up all files and registry entries related to the removed program, you have to do this job on your own. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Delete the related files.

Open the local disk C, locate the folder of C:\ Program Files\ and then delete any folders associated with IDM in it.

delete folder_1

Do the same thing in this folder: C:\ Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\

delete folder_2

Step 2: Delete the related registry entries.

1) Open the Registry Editor.

  • For Windows XP/8: Press Windows key + R key on your keyboard. Type regedit into the dialog box, and click OK.


  • For Windows 7/Vista: Click Start, type exe into the search box, and then click the program named regedit.exe from the result list.


2) Delete the related registry entries.

When the Registry Editor is open, you can follow the paths below to locate and delete its related folders.


delete files in registry
Or you can use the search function to search for them:

Press the Ctrl + F key combination.

Now type internetdownloadmanager into the box and hit the Find button.

If you find any folders associated with the program, delete them all.

Important Note: Windows registry serves as the central database used for storing information that is necessary for system configuration. Any incorrect operation on Windows registry may result in serious damage to certain registry files and cause malfunction of the system. Therefore, you should only delete the entries related to the Internet Download Manager program.

Something You Need to Know

Uninstalling an unwanted program from your system seems to be very simple for you. What you need to do is to remove it from the list of all installed programs. Yet, you might be surprised to learn that this method doesn’t always completely remove the program from your PC. Its traces like registry entries or folders may still remain. In some cases (for example, the program has been corrupted), you can’t even remove the needless programs via the Windows’ uninstall utility. At this time, you need to use a third-party uninstaller that offers to remove not only the program, but also its related folders, files, and registry entries. Using a professional uninstaller is easier, safer and more effective than manually removing the program’s traces on your own.

Which Uninstaller Should You Choose?

Mighty Uninstaller is a wise option for you. It is a professional and reputable uninstaller that comes with various amazing features. It not only meets your basic requirements of uninstalling unwanted programs & cleaning junk files, but also helps detect potentially risky programs & block malicious websites. It also supports batch uninstalling that will save you much time. Now you can download Mighty Uninstaller on your PC and let it serve you. You will find it so easy-to-use and professional in program uninstalling.


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