Do you get the error message like “Error opening installation log file” when you attempt to uninstall Nitro Pro 10 (or other versions)?
Do you perform uninstall task through Programs and Features correctly?
If you are unable to uninstall Nitro Pro 10 on a Windows operating system, this article would be helpful to you.
This page contains some basic information about Nitro Pro 10 and comprehensive guides to help you know more about this program and get rid of it completely. No matter what kind of problem you encounter any problem with the uninstallation, you will find the method to solve it in this post.
If you wish to uninstall Nitro Pro 10 right away and ensure remnants as well as registry will not be left on the disk at the same time, you can use our uninstallation utility to get things done with less effort and time.

Introduction about Nitro Pro 10

Default Installation Directory C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro 10\
Installer File Name nitro_pro10.exe
Installer Size 88.4 MB (92,694,904 bytes)
Executable File Names NitroPDF.exe
Current Release Nitro Pro
Release Date March 9, 2016
New Features Cloud, Batch Process, PDF/A
System requirements

Supported Operating System on Computer: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (x86 and x64 editions);

RAM: 512MB,1GB system memory recommended

Storage: 300MB of available hard drive space at least

CPU: Intel Pentium® 4 and above

Screen Resolution: 1024×768 pixels or higher

Additional Info: Preview and Thumbnail handlers supported only in Windows Vista and above

Nitro Pro 10 is designed as a professional PDF editor, converter and also a reader with some unique features to satisfy the requirements of most users. It is certainly the case that it is easier for people to use an application which is new to them if the interface seems and works as the application that they are already familiar with, so it is wise for Nitro Pro 10 to adopt essentially the same interface and layout of Microsoft Office suite. Even novice users can get used to using it quickly.
With such a user-friendly interface, Nitro Pro 10 now is able to offer more powerful features while becoming easier to use than Nitro Pro 9. Users can swiftly start editing or reading their PDF files with this program as they can easily find out the feature they need.


Nitro Pro 10 has been publicized as the best alternative for Adobe Acrobat. These two programs are often compared with each other in many respects; however, each program has its own pros and cons. It actually depends on the functions and features that you need most so it is usual for people hold different opinions about Nitro Pro 10.
This software is so popular that it has been used world widely. It supports more than 10 languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. In addition, the support team is now working on adding support for simplified Chinese and Japanese. If they manage to develop these two languages successfully, it would undoubtedly result in increase of new users from Asia. Though cheaper than other similar PDF management products, Nitro Pro 10 is able to do much more for you.

>>Create and Convert PDF File Easily

Any user can create PDF files in over 300 different types of file formats. You can change the file size of your PDF document for different viewing ways.
There are three basic options for you to choose: Web ready, Office ready and Print ready. You may also configure your PDF output settings manually by selecting the Custom option in which you are able to set the DPI (Dots per inch), compression, and image quality of the content within the PDF by yourself. Of course, the PDF file generated by Nitro Pro 10 can be opened in other PDF software.

On the other hand, users can also convert PDF files into different formats including Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and image formats such as .jpg, .png, and .tif. The texts and images can be extracted from the PDF file separately. Nitro Pro 10 will read the original data of the file via the default program which is used to open the file. The program is supposed to have been installed on users’ computer so that Nitro Pro can read the document type and then rewrite the data in a different file type.
The document can be converted to different PDF/A standards according to different needs.


>>Edit PDF File Effortlessly

The PDF editor of Nitro Pro is very functional and practical. You can freely modify and create the file as you wish as there are more things you can do besides adding, deleting, replacing and correcting with Nitro Pro 10. It allows its users to insert, extract and even rotate specified page. What is more, you can insert your logo, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks and any other graphs or charts by performing a single task. This software enables users to use an effective method – Bates Numbering to help index a large number of document. By using this feature, users can quickly identify the page they need in a set of documents. When the Bates Numbers are unneeded, you can delete them at any time.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool is also included in Nitro Pro 10. This tool acts as an intellective scanner. It allows users to convert scanned documents and images into searchable and editable text. When the scanned document becomes editable, users will be able to use the mark-up tools and make changes to text in the document.

>>Esign and Share PDF File Seamlessly

This feature is particularly popular among working-class and those who need to frequently sign contracts. Users can get a lot of free and legal electronic signatures on it within a few clicks. With Nitro Cloud tool, users are able to share and review the PDF file anywhere. All PDF files created by Nitro Pro are absolutely compatible with other PDF programs, so you can share with anyone you want securely.
Comment threads on Nitro Pro 10 can be expanded or collapsed and individually replied to or deleted. Users are allowed to reply to any single comment on the PDF file.

There are more remarkable features provided by Nitro Pro 10 for massive PDF users. If you still want to uninstall this program for particular reason like it doesn’t offer a way to embed audio and video attachment, the effective guide below will show you how to remove Nitro Pro 10 safely.

Step-by-Step Guide to Uninstall Nitro Pro 10

To ensure a complete uninstall, you should properly save all your important data such as the edited PDF files and converted files then exit the Nitro Pro 10 program. And then use the Windows Task Manager to terminate the process.
There is one simple and common way for all kinds of Windows users to launch Windows Task Manager.

Step 1 Run Task Manager and End Nitro Pro 10

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
Select Start Task Manager (Windows 7)



Or Task Manager (Windows 8/8.1/10)



If you are the user of Windows XP, this operation will directly open Windows Task Manager.

Select NitroPDF.exe and choose End Process.



Step 2 Uninstall Nitro Pro 10 via Windows Control Panel

Control Panel is like a channel that enables users to change the visuals, sounds, settings and more other things on the computer. It is also the first option and a traditional way when people want to remove a program from the system.
Attention: This uninstall method can only remove Nitro Pro 10 program itself. The profile folder, registry keys and other files generated by the program will remain on the computer. Those files are of no value as long as Nitro Pro 10

Users of Windows 8/8.1/10:
Press Windows key + X key → Control PanelUninstall a program (Make sure you’re browsing Control Panel items by category) → Select Nitro Pro 10 and click on Uninstall.





The window of the Nitro Pro 10’s built-in uninstaller will show on the screen.
Click on Uninstall to confirm this operation.



The uninstallation will be under processing soon.



The uninstallation will be complete in a matter of seconds.



Users of Windows 7/Vista:
Click StartControl PanelUninstall a program (Make sure you’re browsing Control Panel items by category) → Select Nitro Pro 10 and click on Uninstall.

If you encountered some technical problem when use Nitro Pro 10 previously, you may try using Repair function to see if the problem can be fixed without the trouble of uninstalling.

After you click on Uninstall, the system may pop up a dialog box asking if you are really want to uninstall this program (depends on your system setting).
Click on Yes to make confirmation.



If you are prompted to reboot the computer as the picture below, just click on OK and reboot the system later.



You need to wait a few seconds for Windows to configure Nitro Pro 10.



This dialog box would disappear when Nitro Pro 10 is removed successfully.
Meanwhile, a webpage for investigating the reason behind the uninstallation would open automatically. You can choose whether to complete the questionnaire at your own will.



Step 3 Delete Remnants of Nitro Pro 10

Even if you have uninstalled the program from the computer, you still can see there are some related folders which contain a few residual files that most of computer users don’t recognize. It would be hard to clear them thoroughly without the help of a uninstall tool, but it is still worth a shot.
Please pay special attention to this step. The hidden items usually are generated by system and they are invisible to users for avoiding any improper operation. Once any sensitive file is missing, your computer system could get severely damaged, so you should make sure that you exactly know which file and folder are unnecessary and should be deleted.

Users of Windows 8/8.1/10:
Launch File Explorer ( or any folder/disk) → View → Check Hidden items.



The unnecessary folder about Nitro may locate under C:\ProgramData\. Once you find it, right click on it and choose Delete.



Users of Windows 7/Vista:
Click StartControl Panel Appearance and PersonalizationFolder OptionsShow hidden files and folders View → mark Show hidden files, folders, and drives option.



Click on OK.

The unnecessary folder about Nitro may locate under C:\ProgramData\. Once you find it, right click on it and choose Delete. In addition, you can check the installation location.

To search for more traces about this software, users can press Ctrl+F keys together and type “Nitro” into the search box. The final search results will list all files, folders and programs whose names contain “Nitro”. However, this method is not that effective for searching all related files because there could be some files created by Nitro Pro 10 while there is no “Nitro” in their file names.

The remnants are scattered through multiple disks or hide deeply in the system, so it is really difficult for most of users to find them out and delete them all. They will not bring any serious harm to your PC, but they could result in slowdown in your system.
If you want to do a clean and complete uninstallation with ease, click HERE to get the powerful uninstall utility to help you.

Step 4 Delete All Registry Entries Created by Nitro Pro 10

This method applies to users of all versions of Windows Operating System.

Press Windows key + R key → Enter “regedit” → Press Enter key.
When Registry Editor opens, Press Windows key + F key → Enter “nitro” → Press Enter key.


When you find any item related to Nitro Pro 10, right click on it and choose Delete.



You may repeat this operation until there is no more new result can be found.
At last, you should restart your computer.

A More Effective Way to Uninstall Nitro Pro 10

Perfect Uninstaller is able to help you scan all files related with Nitro Pro 10 and remove them in a short time. It can safely uninstall Nitro Pro 10 without leaving any leftovers in the registry as well as hard disk. This tool is available for all users now!


If you have downloaded the installer file on your PC, run it and follow the installation wizard to get it installed on the system.
Launch Nitro Pro 10 as long as you finish the installation process.

Select Nitro Pro 10 and click on Uninstall.



And then the uninstallation process will start instantly.




It will notify you that what it will do on your computer for removing this program.



Confirm that you want to remove all residual files.

Perfect Uninstaller uninstall TeamViewer 11-4

After you click on Next, it will navigate you to the same uninstall process as the same as the manual method as it is the built-in uninstaller of Nitro Pro 10.

If this uninstall mode still can’t help you get rid of this application normally, you can try Force Uninstall instead.



You will be suggested that try normal “Uninstall” function before you start “Force Uninstall”.



And then you are required to provide the program and the installation path for it to scan.



When the scan completes, it will display the list of the registry entries it has detected.
Click on Next and it will start to delete them all.



Finally, restart the computer.
The restart allows the resident functions to be completely removed after an uninstallation.

This uninstaller program works as an alternative to the standard Windows Add/Remove (Change or uninstall a program) applet. Not only does it run much faster than the Microsoft uninstaller, but also adds some additional and functional features for you.

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