I encounter a problem when uninstalling Simpliclean. Somehow it won’t uninstall from my PC no matter how many times I have tried. I go to the Control Panel, open the Programs and Features window, highlight it and click the Uninstall button. I see the Windows uninstalling it. But after I restart the computer, I find Simpliclean is still there. How could this happen? What can I do to resolve this problem?

There are times when you have difficulty in uninstalling an unwanted program from your computer. You may fail to find the program in Control Panel, receive error messages during the uninstall process, or just find that the program still appears on your PC after the uninstallation. These problems don’t occur often, but they do exist. Here are several common causes for the failure of uninstalling a program:

  • This program was not properly or completely installed on the computer previously.
  • This program’s built-in uninstaller has been corrupted for unknown reason.
  • The program has been uninstalled in an inappropriate way or partially uninstalled from the computer.
  • The program’s installation folder along with the uninstaller has been mistakenly deleted from the computer.
  • The program has got installed on top of the older program before the older version was completely removed.

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Simpliclean Details

Software Full Name Simpliclean
Setup File Name simplitec_simpliclean_int.exe
Setup Size 20.60MB
Latest Version
Latest Version Release On June 03, 2016
Category Maintenance & Optimization
Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Publisher Simplitec GmbH

Simpliclean is a program developed by simplitec GmbH. It has user-friendly interface and a suite of advanced features that help fix your computer errors and make it more reliable. This program has a registry cleaner which can thoroughly scan your Windows registry, analyse each problem, and make repairs where necessary. Simpliclean can also make registry defragmentation in order to improve your computer running speed and keep it stable. Besides, this program will help removes junk data such as temporary files and shreds files that have been deleted but not permanently removed from your computer.

Here is a screenshot of Simpliclean

Upon installation, this program will add an auto-start registry entry which makes itself autoamtically run each time the Windows is booted. You can use this program to scan your PC in order to check whether there are any problems or errors in your system. After the scan is complete, you can choose to choose to manually or automatically optimize selected areas of your computer using the activated version of simpliclean. This will reduce the chance of errors or computer crashes occurring on your system. For more information, please visit its official website: www.simplitec.com.

How to Uninstall Simpliclean from Your Computer?

Generally, to uninstall Simpliclean from your computer, you can simply go to Windows “Add or Remove Programs” or “Programs and Features” where offers you a way to uninstall the program. But this way has a defect that the related files and registry entries of the program won’t be completely removed from your PC. You have to take extra complicated steps to clean those leftover files and entries. In fact, there is an easier way to completely uninstall the program and clear all its related traces only within clicks. What is it? It is using a professional third-party uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller.

What Is Perfect Uninstaller?

Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful uninstaller designed to help completely uninstall any unwanted program on your PC. With advanced features, this uninstaller not only can completely uninstall common software programs, but also forcibly remove the corrupted, stubborn and incompletely-installed/uninstalled programs from your PC. It can also clean all leftover files & entries related to the programs from your system, which helps prevent your computer from running slowly or crashing.


Recommended Method:Uninstall Simpliclean by Using Perfect Uninstaller

What you need to do before the uninstallation:

  • Log on your PC as an administrator.
  • Exit Simpliclean from the system tray and kill its related process through Windows Task Manager.

Now take the steps below to uninstall the program by using Perfect Uninstaller:

» Click the button below to download Perfect Uninstaller setup file on your PC.


» Double click icon of the setup file run it and then follow the wizard step by step to install Perfect Uninstaller.

» Upon the installation, launch Perfect Uninstaller. On the main screen, locate and highlight Simpliclean, and then click the Force Uninstall button. A small window will pop up and tell you “First please try the Uninstall”. Click the OK button.


» Then, click the icon as shown below.


» Browse for the folder of Simpliclean. Click the folder and click OK.


» Now click the Next button.


» Perfect Uninstaller will start scanning the registry for the leftover entries and the drives for the leftover files. Wait until the scanning is done. Then, click Next.


» Click Next again.

» Then, you will be shown all leftover keys and files of the program. To remove them, please click Next.


» If you haven’t registered in Perfect Uninstaller, you will be prompted a dialog box saying that a valid key is required if you want to successfully uninstall the application. Click Yes to start registering in Perfect Uninstaller so that you can completely delete the junk files.

Conventional Method:Uninstall Simpliclean through the Windows uninstall utility

Uninstalling a program through the Windows uninstall utility is not recommended, but if you insist on that method, you can follow the guide below.

* Before you start the uninstall activity, remember to log on your PC as an administrator first, and then kill its related process from the Windows Task Manager.

» Open the Control Panel.

  • For Windows XP/7/Vista: Click Start and select Control Panel.


  • For Windows 8: Right click the left bottom of your screen, and then select Control Panel.


» Open window that shows all installed programs.

  • For Windows XP: Double click Add or Remove Programs.


  • For Windows 7/Vista/8: Click Uninstall a program under the Programs


» Remove Simpliclean program.

  • For Windows XP: Highlight the program, click Remove/Change.
  • For Windows 7/Vista/8: Select the program, click Uninstall/Change.


» Click Uninstall now to confirm the uninstallation.


» When the uninstallation is complete, click OK.

Tips: If Simpliclean does not appear in the list of installed programs, or there is no response when you click the Uninstall button, you can run Perfect Uninstaller to forcibly uninstall it from your PC immediately.

Extra Steps: Remove files & registry entries related to Simpliclean manually.

Please know that Windows “Add/Remove Programs”/ “Programs and Features” can remove only the main executable files of the program. Some other invalid files can be left in the C drive and Windows registry. So, you need to manually delete these remnants in order to avoid junk file accumulation.

» Show all hidden files.

  • Open the Control Panel window. Type folder into the search box and then click Show hidden files and folders.


  • Under the View tab, tick Show hidden files, folders and drives and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended), and then click OK.


» Delete all leftover files.

  • Open Local Disk C and then type simpliclean in the search bar.


  • Delete the matched items one by one in the search results.


» Delete all leftover registry entries.

  • Press Windows + R key combination on your keyboard. Type regedit.exe into the dialog box, and click OK.

type regedit-click ok

  • When the Registry Editor is open, press Ctrl + F keys together, type simpliclean into the Find what box and click Find Next.


  • Identify the matched keys or values, right click on them and click Delete.


Important Note:

Windows registry serves as an important database used for storing information that is necessary for system configuration. Wrong deletion should be avoided, or else you may cause data loss and your system may not function properly. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you back up Windows registry before you start the the deletion.

Why Need a Third-Party Uninstaller?

When you try to uninstall a program through the Windows uninstall utility, Windows will look for and generate the program’s uninstaller which is usually located in the program’s installation folder. Once the uninstaller is executed, it will go through the log file and undoes all the changes done during installation. But if the uninstaller gets missing or corrupted, the Windows will fail to generate it and the uninstallation won’t start. Even though the uninstaller is normal, it won’t delete all the files that have been copied and all the registry keys the installer has created. There are always some residual files left on your PC after the uninstallation.

Therefore, it is needed that you download and use a third-party uninstaller. A professional uninstaller can forcibly uninstall any program that can’t be removed by the Windows uninstall utility. Perfect Uninstaller is such a uninstaller. It comes with a suit of advanced features that not only help uninstall common software programs but also the stubborn, corrupted & partially-uninstall programs. Besides, it will thoroughly scan your system to find out and delete all junk files from your PC.

Have problems in uninstalling Simpliclean? Want to uninstall it and delete its related files & entries within clicks? Perfect Uninstaller should be be exactly what you need right now! It works to help uninstall Simpliclean and any other unwanted program effectively and easily. Now you can download Perfect Uninstaller on your PC and start uninstalling any program you don’t want!


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