TeamViewer is a world-leading program which mainly provides convenient services for seamless access to remote PC from other devices and online meeting/presentation. It can be applied to multiple platforms and supports more than 30 languages so users from different countries around the world are able to make use of it.


Useful as it is, there is still a moment that some users would have to uninstall TeamViewer for some reason. For example, someone may think this program slows down his computer performance and want to free up more space on hard disks. This could happen on users who don’t use TeamViewer very often. Apart from the most common reasons, recently there has been one more particular reason for TeamViewer’s user to think about removing TeamViewer program from their computers.

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Over the past few weeks, there have been a great many users of TeamViewer reported that their computers were remotely controlled by hackers and the accounts related to financial services like PayPal, eBay and even bank accounts are subsequently drained because of the improper use of TeamViewer on forums and social networking sites. Lots of users witnessed that their computers were taken over by someone else as TeamViewer was running on the compromised computers. Fortunately some of the victims have successfully revoked the control of computers and closed the application to prevent the hackers accessing important accounts. However, most of the victims suffer severe data and financial loss. In some cases, the intruders installed malicious software, made rogue purchases on the Internet and stole online accounts with autofill feature in users’ Internet browser. People generally believe that the unexpected intrusions are the result of a deliberate hack on TeamViewer’s network because the complaints mostly occurred while TeamViewer’s systems were experiencing technical issues and fell offline. Though it was back in regular service in a few hours, TeamViewer was blamed for security breach by a lot of users.

In a letter that TeamViewer posted on Twitter and its blog, it claimed that there is no evidence to prove that there has been any data breach or security hole at this program. Indeed, TeamViewer experienced an outage on account of a denial-of-service attack (DoS-attack) to DNS servers, but the problem has been fixed quickly and it has nothing to do with the computer/account takeover. It holds the opinion that users’ account getting hijacked is the result of careless use of account credentials. It is speculated that hackers make use of the account information that they have stolen from somewhere else and then access to TeamViewer and other online accounts. According to the statement, it is likely that most of the cases happened as users use weak passwords and reuse the same passwords over multiple platforms so that hackers are able to enter their accounts and transfer money.

Nevertheless, there are still some of the victims who have set the unique passwords for TeamViewer. Some users ’accounts were breached even though they have enabled two-factor authentication. As reported by TeamViewer spokesman Axel Schmidt, there is still no definitive proof showing that the two-factor authentication has been compromised. They need the log files of the TeamViewer’s accounts that had two-factor authentication activated but still got hacked for further investigation, however, they can’t find any clue about. Saving passwords in web browser is a common phenomenon across the world. Of course it is much more convenient for web users to login their accounts on the websites or applications that they frequently use, but it is also risky and could even be fatal.



Any intruder from outside can easily capture the username and password by checking the browser as long as he or she gains unrestricted access to your computer. Once you have stored passwords to your PayPal account, eBay account or other accounts in the browser, cyber criminals can quickly get such data on your browser with tools that they developed on their own. Even without the assistant tools, the passwords still can be obtained by hackers without difficulty if they view related options or settings about browser security on the compromised computer. Furthermore, some users may unwittingly download and install malicious program that is capable of stealing personal data on the affected PC. The previous network issues of TeamViewer probably is one of the links in the whole hackers’ activities for taking vital information from computers, accessing online accounts and making unwanted transactions on eBay, Amazon or other shopping sites.

Panicked by the hackers who can intentionally infiltrate into computer systems without any authorization, an increasing number of people are afraid of their personal information getting exposed and losing money. Though TeamViewer insists that the root of the problem is not the vulnerability in their system, a certain amount of users has begun to worry about their data and property security so they are seriously considering or maybe even started taking adequate measures to protect their computers from unauthorized access.

Since it is not yet clear that how this data breach occurred, the easiest way for users to reduce risk of being hacked might be uninstalling TeamViewer or at least to stop it from running on your computer to be safe. The usual method to remove a program on computer is to use the Control Panel by which we can uninstall software installed on the computer properly, but this method could still leave traces of settings or temporary files on your system. To completely uninstall TeamViewer, you may need a uninstall tool to help you with that.


Perfect Uninstaller is not only able to remove the unwanted software but also have the ability to clean up leftovers and invalid registry entries from the computer system.

Main Features of Perfect Uninstaller

46  Uninstall programs with less time than Windows Programs and Features takes.

46  Excel at uninstalling programs that can’t be removed through Windows Programs and Features.

46  Display and uninstall hidden programs that get installed on your PC without your knowledge.

46  Clean useless and corrupted registry files fully.

46  Make backups of regular registry files for restoring Windows system with ease

46  Show details including install date, publisher and others of each program installed on your PC.

How to Use Perfect Uninstaller to Uninstall TeamViewer

1. Download Perfect Uninstaller on your computer.

2. Run the installer and install it step by step. (Default Installation Directory can be chosen as you like)




3. When finish the setup process, launch Perfect Uninstaller instantly.


4. Find TeamViewer from the list, select it and click on Uninstall You can see the information about this program on the right side of the window.




5. The uninstall wizard allows users to review some details about the program you are going to uninstall at first. Click on Next to move on.



6. Users would be told about what this uninstallation process will do for removing the program. Click on Next to go on.



7. The uninstallation will get complete quickly, and then you should close it.



8. Perfect Uninstaller will ask you if you want to remove the residual file of TeamViewer, of course it is best to choose Yes.



9. The uninstaller will automatically scan through the registry for junk entries and all drives for junk files. In this step you don’t need to click anything.



10. As long as the scan finishes, Perfect Uninstaller will show you the registry left by TeamViewer.

Click on Next to remove them all.



Note: The feature of cleaning registry files is unavailable until you get the free trial registered. (Register Your Perfect Uninstaller on Official Site Now!)

Additionally, the registered version of Perfect Uninstaller ships with the Force Uninstall Option for its users to completely get rid of the software that can’t be uninstalled by normal method.

1. Select the unwanted program from the list and choose Force Uninstall.


2. You will be suggested that to try the Uninstall function first before use Force Uninstall function. If you have tried, click on OK.

If you have not tried this before, click on Cancel to go back to the previous step and try Uninstall instead.



3. You can either choose to scan the program or scan the path of the program.

And then click on Next.



It will also display the useless registry keys found on your computer and you can delete them by clicking on Next.

This is the last step to uninstall TeamViewer with Perfect Uninstaller. Your default browser will pop up a webpage about the uninstall feedback. If you find it is troublesome, it would also be fine if you close the webpage directly.



However, you should restart the computer to see if the program has been removed successfully.

How to Uninstall TeamViewer Manually

Here we also provide instructions for the users who are advanced PC users and those who are unable to use the handy tool on their computers due to some reason. If you are not certain you would perform each step correctly, please download a professional tool to help you uninstall TeamViewer easily with less time.

For Windows 7 & Vista
1. Click Start, enter “uninstall” on the search box.



2. Select “Uninstall a program” from the results.



3. Find TeamViewer from the program list and right click on it and then choose Uninstall.



4. If you keep TeamViewer active on your PC at the moment, you would receive a prompt reminding you that you need to close TeamViewer before you start to uninstall it. You can just click on Retry and it will force quit the application for you.



5. When enter the uninstall procedure, remember to check the box before “Remove settings” so as to remove all files storing your custom settings of this program, but if you wish to keep them somehow for reinstalling it in the future, you should not select it.



6. Uninstallation will be accomplished quickly.



7. Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.

Type “regedit” and click on OK.



8. When Registry Editor opens, select Edit and choose Find….



9. Type the name of the program to search for its related registry keys.



10. Right click on the unwanted folder and select Delete to remove the entry.



11. Restart your computer to ensure the program has gone.

For Windows 8, 8.1
1. Press the key combination Windows key +E to open File Explorer.

Click Computer tab and you will see Open Control Panel option.

2. Click on Uninstall a program.



3. Select the program you wish to remove and click on Uninstall.



4. If you don’t want to preserve settings on current computer, place a check mark next to Remove settings and click on Uninstall.



5. The uninstallation will get complete in a few seconds.


6. Press the key combination Windows key +R to bring up the Run

7. Type “regedit” in it and click on OK.



8. Use registry editor’s Find feature to locate the key values generated by TeamViewer.



9. Once you find any related registry file, right click on it and select Delete.



10. You could repeat this operation to find all registry of TeamViewer.

When there is no more entries to show up, you can close the Registry Editor window and restart the computer.

For Windows 10

1. Click Start and look for Control Panel and select Uninstall a program from the expanded menu.

2. Locate the program that you are going to uninstall and select it.



3. Clicking on Uninstall (as the picture above) will navigate you to TeamViewer’s own uninstallation procedure.

Put a tick in the box of “Remove settings” if you want to remove the program without any trace and then click on Uninstall.



4. The uninstallation will be complete in a few seconds.



5. Press the key combination Windows key +R to bring up the Run command.

6. Type “regedit” in it and click on OK.



7. Use registry editor’s Find feature to locate the key values generated by TeamViewer.



8. Once you find any related registry file, right click on it and select Delete.


9. This step can be repeated over and over again until there is no any related search result of this program.

Lastly, restart your computer to finalize the task.

If you can’t uninstall TeamViewer successfully with the uninstall guide above, Perfect Uninstaller offers help for you to completely get rid of the unwanted program. You can rest assured there will be no traces such as log files, registry files and hidden files left on your system.

Your PC will run smoothly and safely as if TeamViewer had never been uninstalled on it. Certainly, you can reinstall the program anytime when this security issue is settled and you think it is safe to have it on your computer.


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