Do you get error message during the process of Avast uninstallation?

Can’t uninstall Avast Completely via Control Panel?

The main program is removed but there are still some files and icons that won’t go away?

As an excellent antivirus program, Avast has a self-defense mechanism to prevent itself from being deleted or disabled by malware. However, this becomes a hassle for a lot of users when they uninstalling this program as the self-protection module also has an impact on the normal uninstallation process. Users could fail to uninstall Avast software for various reasons.

If you have problem uninstalling it and cannot uninstall it in regular way, download the Avast Antivirus uninstaller to fix the problems that block the program from being uninstalled and uninstall the program completely.


Introduction about Avast Antivirus

avast-iconAvast Antivirus is obviously one of the best free antivirus programs available for Windows users. Its developer also developed other Avast products to make it work with the PC running with Mac OS and smart phones based on Android and iOS. According to the results of the Whole-Product Dynamic Real-World Protection Test of August 2016 which provided by AV-Comparatives, Avast Free Antivirus achieved 99.1% block rate and 1 false positive. This test reveals that Avast Antivirus does a decent job of preventing malware infection. You don’t need to be skeptical about this  outcome because AV-Comparatives is an independent and non-profit organization that tests and assesses a group of qualified antivirus and provide an overall view about how good is an antivirus program to all web users. This organization regularly publishes charts and reports that are highly evaluated by widely computer users. There is no doubt that Avast Antivirus is one of the most popular computer security products. With advanced antivirus technologies that have applied over almost all Internet-connected devices, Avast now is protecting hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Now, let’s see more detailed information of Avast Free Antivirus.

Product Name: Avast Free Antivirus
Category: Security software
Language: 45 languages
Installer File Name: avast_free_antivirus_setup_online.exe
Installer File Size: 6.04 MB (6,334,656 bytes)
The Latest Version: 12.3.2280 (build 12.3.3154.6)
Virus Definitions Versions: 161010-3
Number of Definitions: 4,963,019 (keep increasing)
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Home / Professional / Media Center Edition

Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate

Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate

Windows 8/8.1 Pro / Enterprise

Windows 10 Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education

Official Site:
Developer: Avast Software

Being known as another leading antivirus software, AVG was also a strong rival to Avast early this year, but the situation is totally different now. Avast Software Company announced to acquire AVG Technologies for $1.3 billion in July this year. The transaction is finally completed at the end of September since Avast holds about 87.3% of AVG’s outstanding shares. These two companies run as a single company and the combined company has a broader user base of approximately 400 million.


After Avast completes the acquisition of AVG, the new Avast has drastically upgraded protection for millions of customers.

Now Avast is able to:free-avast-free-antivirus-offline-installer-download-1

Prevent about one billion malware attacks per month;

Block over 500 million malicious domains per month;

Block around 50 million phishing attacks per month;

Manage 9 million new executable files and 25% of these files are harmful per month.

The points above are only some main improved features of the new Avast Antivirus. Certainly there much more and stronger capacities have not been mentioned here. We are also looking forward to what’s more to come in future.

The more comprehensive Avast is progressing into a new chapter, but you can learn what Avast Antivirus 2016 has got for you within this article.

How Can Avast Antivirus Protect Your Computer?


When you open the Avast Installer, you can easily install the program by clicking the Install button or choose Customize option to change the default installation directory and gain full control of the installation. You can unselect the components that you don’t need and install the necessary components on demand.


It is suggested that you use the recommended protection as the more components you install, the safer the system will be. You can acquire more information of each object by holding the cursor above the question mark of each item.

In Avast 2016, some new features are added to scale up protection for computer systems:

safe-zone-browserSafeZone Browser

This tool is included in the preinstalled components of the latest version of Avast Antivirus 2016. As for users who have ever used the paid versions of Avast, SafeZone Browser is not something strange. This feature has been a premium feature of Avast product for a long time, but now it is available to all users for free.

SafeZone is able to keep the computer and personal data in a more secure way that is not simply blocking the offending websites. The common practice for other web browsers to prevent users’ sensitive data being compromised is installing additional browser add-ons, but for SafeZone browser, it just protects user’s privacy in a rather different way.

When you enter any banking or online shopping sites with other browser, you will be prompted to switch to SafeZone browser for a safer transaction environment. Avast Safe Zone will create a private and isolated virtual desktop on the computer you are using. In fact it is basically a Chromium executed in a sandboxed environment. To ensure maximized security, all extensions are excluded.

Except for online attack prevention, SafeZone browser has been developed with many other useful capacities to provide users with the best brwosing experience:

5ujvpa6Web filter that blocks access to unsafe websites

5ujvpa6Integrated combination of anti-malware defense

5ujvpa6Ad-blocking that blocks all obtrusive ads from Internet

5ujvpa6Specialized browsing modes for keeping you data safe

5ujvpa6Video downloader that allows you to download online videos easily

5ujvpa6SafePrice add-on which saves you the trouble of searching over dozens of websites for comparing prices

Some users may wrongly report that SafeZone Browser get installed on their computers without their consent. This actually is due to nothing but their initial decisions that they choose the “Install” option instead of hitting “Customize”. The condition that Avast Antivirus comes with SafeZone clearly shows on the installation guide which they might did not notice.

screen-1 Avast Passwords

As its name suggests, this tool is a password manager that has been added to Avast Antivirus. Users of Avast don’t need to download an extra password management tool on their systems.


Users can easily access this tool via the interface of Avast Antivirus. It helps you organize personal data conveniently and securely store them in Avast’s server with higher secure level of encryption than general browsers do. A lot of browser is able to remember users’ accounts and passwords and that is somewhat risky because the browser could be vulnerable to hackers.

With this easy-to-use password manager, users are able to access and manage all passwords of various websites and platforms with a main password of Passwords. As long as you install Avast Antivirus on all your devices (including Windows, Android and iOS), you can get access to the saved passwords from anywhere.

Besides, Avast Passwords can do these for you:

5ujvpa6Generate highly secure passwords which consist of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.

5ujvpa6Import passwords that have been saved on multiple browsers and remove them from the original place with a simple click.

5ujvpa6Capture passwords automatically whenever you create for a new account on your device without further confirmation.

5ujvpa6Enter your login names, passwords and other required information when you log in any sites or applications by using auto-fill function.

5ujvpa6Back up your Password data in case you lose access to your device.

5ujvpa6Sync stored data across devices such as desktop, mobile phone and tablet freely via the same Avast Account.

The main disadvantage of Password is that users must bear in mind the password of Avast Password. Once the main password is lost, there is no way to retrieve or change it as Avast does not store the main password to local cache or on its server. On the other hand, this is also an advantage of Password tool because no one can hack into this password manager by attacking the server or your computer.

avast-free-antivirus Passive Mode

This mode allows Avast to be able to run with another antivirus product without interfering. Turning on Passive Mode will disable all real-time protection so that the user can use more than one antivirus program at a time while the PC performance and the stability of Avast will not be affected. Please note that Avast will not detect and prevent malware and virus proactively under Passive Mode. Users have to scan the computer manually from time to time to ensure your computer is safe.

Passive Mode is off by default. This feature can be found on settings >Troubleshooting.


After click on Yes, you need to restart the computer to complete this action.


The user interface will tell you Avast is in Passive Mode after you reboot the computer. You can turn it off easily without restarting through setting.


slide-green CyberCapture

This advanced technology can capture suspicious files when you are downloading or trying to run the questionable file. CyberCapture will be triggered automatically as it is activated by default. When it perceives that there is a suspicious file running on your computer, the file will be locked temporarily and be sent to the Avast Threat Labs for real-time analysis to keep your system safe.

In most cases, the analysis for the doubted file will be finished in two hours. Once the intelligent engine cannot judge what kind of file it is, the veteran experts will take part into this and analyze the file manually. You will be informed the final result after they finish the work of analysis. If the file is identified as safe, your access to the file will be restored and you are allowed to run the file on the computer. If the file is malicious, it will be quarantined by CyberCapture.

Avast CyberCapture

Since this feature is newly created and still need more improvements, there could be some files which are not recognized by it while actually they are harmless to the system. If you know the suspicious is safe with certainty, you may change the setting to allow you to run the file in General.

In Avast Antivirus 2016, many useful features have been improved a lot and updated from the past, such as Home Network Security, Smart Scan and Cleanup. Even the interface design has also been improved with intuitive implementation and structure in order to make navigation much easier.

How to Remove Avast Antivirus Software and All Its Components?

Some users complain about that they can’t update or uninstall Avast properly. For example, when a user was trying updating Avast from a much older version to the latest version, he got a prompt telling him to wait for a while but nothing happened then. When he went to Control Panel with the thought that uninstalling the program might solve the problem, he received another error message saying that there was an error during uninstallation process. If anyone wants to uninstall Avast for whatever reason, using Control Panel would always be the common way and the first choice; however, this is not always worked.

An incomplete and uninstallation can really make the situation get worse and mess up the system. The easiest and surest method for uninstalling Avast is using a reliable uninstall tool. Click the link below to download the automated uninstaller:


After you have downloaded the installer of the uninstall tool, run it immediately.

By following the installation instruction step by step, you will be able to install the software easily.


Once Perfect Uninstaller is installed successfully, launch it and search for Avast Antivirus from the list of currently installed programs.

Make Avast Antivirus selected and click on Uninstall button.


Click on the Next button to continue.


And then click on the grey Uninstall button.


Choose Yes to confirm the uninstallation when you are asked if you want to continue.


You may answer the question that comes from Avast according to your actual situation and click on Continue.

Of course you can also choose not to answer those questions and just wait for the uninstallation get complete.


When the uninstallation is finished, click on Restart computer.

(Please remember to save all your work before restarting the computer.)


Once rebooted, open Perfect Uninstaller again to remove the components of Avast.

However, Batch Uninstall is not available in Perfect Uninstaller for now. Users have to uninstall all related items one by one.


After you selected the unwanted program and click on Uninstall, keep moving on by clicking on Next.


Click on Next again.


After the selected component is removed, click on Yes to remove its residual file.


Click on Next to delete the residual traces.


Using an auto uninstaller program can help you uninstall Avast without leaving any trace behind quickly and safely. However, if you prefer to uninstall the program on your own, the manual removal guide is provided in the following section.

How to Manually Uninstall Avast Antivirus

Step 1 Stop Avast Antivirus from Running

Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and click on the Processes tab.

Select the process named with Avast and click on End task button and the program will be terminated.


Step 2 Remove Avast Antivirus from System

Right-click the windows icon in the bottom left corner.

Select Programs and Features from the context menu.


Select Avast from the list of all programs installed on your PC, and then click Uninstall in the bar above the listed programs.


When the Avast Setup wizard appears, click Uninstall at the bottom of the screen.


Click Yes to continue uninstalling the program.


After the uninstallation process is complete, select Restart computer.



Step 3 Delete Registry Keys of Avast Antivirus

In the Start Screen of Windows 8, type “regedit” in the search box. Click on regedit.exe in the search results.


Press Ctrl+F together to open the Find dialog box. Users can use this feature to locate the registry key that they want to edit or delete.

Type “Avast” into the text field and click on Find Next to search the registry key or value that generated by Avast Antivirus.



Once you get any search result, right-click on the unneeded key and select Delete from the menu.



You can searching for more related entries by pressing F3 key repeatedly on your keyboard until there is no more new result can be found.

Finally, restart your computer.


Avast’s latest acquisition reflects an industry trend toward consolidation.  Its simple UI and strong security capabilities make Avast Antivirus a very good choice for computer users to protect their computer from cyber attacks.  If you run into problems uninstalling Avast Antivirus Free or any other edition of Avast product, Using an advanced uninstall utility will make sure that you can remove the program correctly and thoroughly from your system.


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