Hi, I want to know how I can completely uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition from my Windows 7 computer. My problem is that uninstalling via Programs and Features fails, and so does removing it through its built-in uninstaller. I get stuck during the uninstallation process. Now I can’t neither uninstall the old version nor install the newest version. I guess this problem occurred due to my careless deletion of some files two days ago. How can I do now? Please help me!

Generally, you can uninstall a program like Macrium Reflect Free Edition either using its built-in uninstaller or through Windows uninstall utility located in the Control Panel. However, you may not be able to completely uninstall a program for one reason or another. For example, if the built-in uninstaller has been missing or corrupted, or some important files of the program have been deleted from its installation folder, it will become hard for you to remove the program via these two ways.

In this article, we are going to introduce several methods to uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition from your PC. If you have any problem in uninstalling this program, you can try following our guides to resove it.


Software Full Name Macrium Reflect Free
Setup File Name ReflectDL.exe
Setup Size 3.38MB
Latest Version 6.1.1366
Latest Version Release On June 30, 2016
Operating Systems Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Publisher Paramount Software UK Limited

Macrium Reflect Free Edition is an award winning disk cloning and imaging solution for free. This program is designed to protect your data from loss. As we all know that the data used in our daily activity are saved on the hard drives, and it is possible that they get losed when there are mistaken operations, hardware problems or even malware infections. A best solution is to reqularly create backups so that you can recover the essential data easily when sad things do happen. Macrium Reflect Free Edition allows you to backup the data such as personal documents, photos, and videos from your hard drive to an image file that can be used to restore everything.


This program can compress the files you have backed up in order to save disk space for you. Its Intelligent sector copy feature allows you to back up only the used disk sectors. You can choose to save the backup files to local, network, and USB drives. If you want to recover certain files from the image, the program can mount it as a virtual hard drive that you can browse in Windows Explorer. Additionally, this program can convert the image to a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) that can be used with Windows Virtual PC.

Have problems in uninstalling Macrium Reflect Free Edition from your PC? Want to forcibly uninstall this program within clicks of mouse? Download a professional uninstaller and run it to help you out!


Problems & Causes

Although Macrium Reflect Free Edition looks so good, you may want to uninstall from your PC for some reason. However, when trying to uninstall this program, you may encounter a certain problem which leads to the uninstall failure – this may be why you are reading this article.

Here we have concluded some common problems that you may encounter when uninstalling program from your computer:

  • The built-in uninstaller of the program does not appear in its folder in All Programs.
  • The program can’t be found in the window of Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features in Control Panel.
  • The uninstallation does go smoothly – it gets stuck, and even though you have waited for a long time the problem persists.
  • There is an error message popping up when you trying to uninstall the program and the uninstallation won’t start.
  • After the uninstallation, you still find the program on your PC but it cannot work properly.

Why these problems occur? Here are several common causes for the failure of uninstalling a program:

  • This program’s installation folder which contains its built-in uninstaller has been improperly deleted.
  • The program has been inappropriately or partially uninstalled from the computer.
  • This program was not properly installed on the computer previously.
  • The program’s built-in uninstaller has been corrupted for unknown reason..
  • The program’s related entries haven’t been completely removed from the Windows registry.

How-to Uninstall Guides

In the following we will list three methods to uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition. Please be aware that common removal methods may not be able to remove all the components, registry entries and files related to the program. If you want to uninstall the program without any traces left, using a professional uninstaller will be a best option. You will be satisfied with the convenience and effectiveness it brings.

Method 1: Uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition via Winodws uninstall utility
Method 2: Uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition with its built-in uninstaller
Method 3: Uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition by using a third-party uninstaller


Friendly reminder: Before you start the uninstallation, you’d better:

  • Make sure that you have logged on your PC as an administrator.
  • Terminate the process of Macrium Reflect Free Edition through Windows Task Manager.


  • Back up for your important data in case that you encounter any unexpected problems that may cause the data loss.


Method 1: Uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition via Winodws uninstall utility

The most common method to uninstall a program is to use the Windows uninstall utility in Control Panel. Please follow the guide below to remove the unwanted program within a few steps:

For Windows 7/Vista:

Click “Start” on the lower left-hand corner of the desktop and select “Control Panel”.

control-panel-windows-7Click “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs”.


Highligh the program you want to uninstall and click the “Uninstall” option.


Check all boxes available and click the “OK” button. The program will be removed by the Windows.



For Windows XP:

Click “Start”, and select “Control Panel”. Then double-click “Add or Remove Programs”.


In the currently installed programs list, locate and click the unwanted program, and then click the “Remove” button.


If you are prompted to confirm the removal of the program, check all boxes available and click “OK” to proceed. Wait for a few seconds, and the program will be removed by the Windows.



For Windows 8:

Access the Start menu by right clicking the bottom left corner of the computer screen and click “Programs and Features” in the popup menu.


In the open window, locate the program you want to uninstall, highlight it and click the “Uninstall” button. And then follow the prompts to complete removal of the program.



Method 2: Uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition with its built-in uninstaller

Most programs are installed with their built-in uninstallers. If you don’t need a certain program anymore, you can consider directly uninstalling it with its own uninstaller. Here are the steps:

Open the Local Disk (C:), and find out the folder of Programs Files. Double click on the folder to open it.


In that folder, find out a folder named by “Macrium” and open it.


Next, open a folder named by “Reflect”.


Then, scroll down to find the Reflect uninstaller. Double click it and the uninstaller will run.


When a small window pops up as below, check all boxes available and click the OK button. The uninstaller will start uninstalling the program from your PC.


Important Note: The two methods introduced above cannot make sure that all leftover files and entries of the program are deleted from your system. This is because that both of them rely on the built-in uninstaller coming together with the program; while this uninstaller only deletes the main components of the program, instead of scanning your drives and registry for the leftovers. If you want to delete the junk files and entries left by the program, you need to manually do it.

Method 3: Uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition by using a third-party uninstaller

In some cases, you may fail to completely uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition with both two methods above. For example, if the program’s has been improperly installed, you may not be able to uninstall it successfully through Windows uninstall utility or with its own uninstaller. No matter what problem encounter when trying to uninstall the program but fail, you can consider using a third-party uninstaller like Perfect Uninstaller which can help you out.

What Is Perfect Uninstaller?

Perfect Uninstaller is a powerful uninstaller that helps uninstall any common software programs & stubborn/corrupted programs that cannot be uninstalled from Windows uninstall utility. Perfect Uninstaller not only uninstalls the programs, but also cleans the leftover files and registry entries. It can protect your registry from empty/corrupted errors and improve your PC performance.


Now you can take the steps below to accomplish removal of the unwanted program with ease now.

» Download Perfect Uninstaller setup file by clicking the button below.


» Locate and double click icon the setup file and then follow the setup wizard to install Perfect Uninstaller on your PC.

» Upon the installation, launch Perfect Uninstaller. On the main screen, find and click on Macrium Reflect Free Edition.


» Then click the Force Uninstall button. A small window will pop up and tell you “First please try the Uninstall”. Click the OK button.


» Then, click the icon as shown below.


» Browse for the folder related to the program. Highlight the folder and click OK.


» Now click the Next button.


» Perfect Uninstaller will now start scanning the registry for the leftover entries and the drives for the leftover files. Wait until the scanning is done. Then, click Next.


» Click Next again.


» Then, you will be shown all leftover keys and files of the program. To remove them, please click Next.


Note: If you haven’t registered in Perfect Uninstaller, you will be prompted a dialog box saying that a valid key is required if you want to successfully uninstall the application. Click Yes to start registering in Perfect Uninstaller so that you can completely uninstall the program and delete all its traces from your PC.

Why Use Perfect Uninstaller?

With Windows default uninstall utility or the buit-in uninstaller, you may not be able to forcibly remove or uninstall the unwanted program and its leftover files and entries. But with Perfect Uninstaller, you can safely and thoroughly uninstall any program that Windows uninstall utility can’t remove. This method is faster & more effective, and will give you complete control over your system.

Here are some benefits of using Perfect Uninstaller:

  • Remove unwanted programs easily and completely.
  • Uninstall hidden, broken or stubborn programs forcibly.
  • Clean leftover files and entries after uninstalling programs.
  • Resolve update problems and avoid installation errors.
  • Learn what changes programs make on your computer during their installation.
  • Give you the best uninstall results and experience.

Do you try to completely uninstall Macrium Reflect Free Edition from your computer but fail? Don’t know what causes the problem and how to resolve it? Try using Perfect Uninstaller to fix your uninstall problems now!


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