Does Pro PC Cleaner get installed on your PC without your knowledge and you want to get rid of it completely?

Can’t uninstall the program via Control Panel even though it can be found in the list of all your programs?

“There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”

Do you receive similar error message when you try uninstalling Pro PC Cleaner?

Don’t understand why you fail to remove this program?

If you are looking for helpful solution to uninstall Pro PC Cleaner, this page will explain how to do that successfully.

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About Pro PC Cleaner

Pro PC Cleaner is a useful tool which is designed to help computer users improve their computers’ performance by removing the junk files from the system and fixing common errors. It is developed by a group of passionate and experienced computer experts who have evolved into a formative company called Rainmaker Software Group. They are committed to solving technical problems that each user could run into with computer and offering great and easy-to-use PC optimization product available on the market for computer users from all levels. It helps users speed up the PC and keeps the system running smoothly. With this program, users can cut the time they spend dealing with PC errors, registry problems, screen freezes, system crashes and other computer problems.


It is certain that a computer user would install prerequisite software and many tools, update the software, delete and remove files. Even if those things seem to have been done perfectly, there will always be traces left behind as long as the user makes any modification on the computer. As a result, there will be too much stuff running on the system when the computer is in use and large amounts of data will be stored in your system over a long period of time. The average users would perhaps not notice unnecessary programs and obsolete data occupy a considerable portion of hard drive space until there is a significant decrease in computer performance.

The most common way to speed up a slow computer is to clean up the files on the system and turn off some nonessential system features to free up system resources, but there would be much tedious work you need to do. It can be a time-consuming and challenging process to diagnose and fix a slow computer. That is why Pro PC Cleaner has been created.

What Can Pro PC Cleaner Do for You?

0001-computerOptimize Computer Performance

It is able to analyze and fix computer problems like registry errors, corrupted files, and memory problems. It helps boost PC startup time by enabling users to manage and clean up unnecessary startup items.

speed_test Make Computer Faster

It can clean up temporary installation files, log files, browser data and more others unneeded items that stored on hard drives. These useless files may result in low disk space issue and make the computer sluggish. It will free up some hard drive space to make the computer run faster and improve Internet browsing speed.

cleanmaster Clean Computer System

It will find the duplicate files, system errors, cookies, cache, traces and other junk files by scanning the computer fully and then remove them all. Users can eliminate the old data and the files that they want to remove manually.

Why Users Want to Uninstall This Program?

Pro PC Cleaner is a legit program and it will not damage the computer, in some sense, it is relatively safe to computer security, but we can see a few negative comments about this product in some online discussion forums. It is even described as a “virus” or a malware by some web users. According to most of complaints, Pro PC Cleaner behaves intrusively on their computers. It can be installed on the computer alongside with other software during the installation procedure. Users usually don’t know how this program gets installed on their computers and cannot find a way to get rid of it.

Some people can’t find this program in the uninstall program feature of Control Panel. Others get error messages during the uninstallation process. Besides, there also are reports claiming that Pro PC Cleaner loads junks and unwanted ads on their computers. In a few cases, unexpected browser redirect occurs on browsers after this computer cleaner installed. It can therefore be concluded that this program is a potentially unwanted program. Since many users downloaded or installed it involuntarily, it is understandable that they feel the urge to uninstall Pro PC Cleaner as soon as possible.



In normal situations, users choose to uninstall the program because they don’t need it anymore. Pro PC Cleaner has the free trial version, when the trial license expires, some users may tend to uninstall it instead of converting trial into a paid subscription.

Whatever the reason might be, if you have difficulty in uninstalling Pro PC Cleaner, you can follow the helpful guide below to remove it easily.

How Can You Remove Pro PC Cleaner

When the usual uninstall method fails to remove Pro PC Cleaner for you, the best Plan B should be using an advanced uninstaller that can completely uninstall the program. The manual uninstallation adds more steps to perform the work based on the conventional uninstallation that uses Windows Control Panel, so the manual method may not be very helpful. What is more, the usual uninstallation does not work for various reasons. It depends on actual conditions of different computer system, thus a powerful uninstall tool is necessary under such circumstances.

The uninstaller recommended below can automatically scan the programs on a computer and find the cause of the problem. If the program cannot be uninstalled in normal way, it can forcibly remove the application and related registry keys and files on the system. Users will find nothing about Pro PC Cleaner after it is removed by the uninstaller.


Firstly, please download the uninstaller by clicking the download button above.

Secondly, open the installation program to install the uninstaller on your PC. run-installer-of-perfect-uninstaller

It is recommended to quit all your currently running programs before start the installation setup as it would make changes to some computer settings during the installation process. Some of your activities that run on the background might be interrupted because of that.

It is easy to install this software with the setup wizard. It will not make any changes to your browser and there is no any additional program or browser extension bundled with it. Just read the End User License Agreement carefully to confirm its terms are acceptable to you.


At last, when you complete the installation procedure, click on Finish and launch the uninstaller instantly.


All your currently installed programs can be viewed by icon, details or list in Perfect Uninstaller.

Locate Pro PC Cleaner, select it and click on Uninstall button.



Then the uninstall wizard will pop up on the screen. The information about the program you want to uninstall are available in the window.

Click on Next to continue.


Perfect Uninstaller will uninstall Pro PC Cleaner by taking the following steps in order.

Step 1 is the common way to uninstall this application. The uninstaller will remove all leftover of Pro PC Cleaner by Step 2 and 3 which can help users get rid of the unwanted program completely.


Click on Next and click on Yes to start uninstalling Pro PC Cleaner and all its components.


After a few seconds this program will be removed from your PC automatically.


At this point, Perfect Uninstaller would ask you to remove the residual file, click on Yes to go on.


And then it will start the rest steps.


If you wish to keep the registry entries or files generated by Pro PC Cleaner for keeping the custom settings, you can choose to skip the scan for the leftover.

Users can review the scan results once the scan gets finished. You can select one single entry or multiple or all entries at once, click on Next start to delete.


If you are using the unregistered version, you will be prompted with a dialog box inviting you to make a registration. The valuable benefits are only available to registered users. The free version can only help you to uninstall the program in usual way and the remnants will still stay behind in the system.

To completely uninstall Pro PC Cleaner, you need to become a registered user by clicking on Yes and purchase this product.


You can enjoy more useful features after register this product except for removing leftover.

Perfect Uninstaller can help you fully uninstall any program even it is corrupted or damaged. It is able to scan the system and fix the invalid installation problem within a few clicks. Even if a program has been installed on your computer incompletely, it will not be a big problem for Perfect Uninstall to fix.

With this powerful uninstallation tool, you can forcibly uninstall Pro PC Cleaner with the Force Uninstall function if the convention method does not work.

Open Perfect Uninstaller, select Pro PC Cleaner and click on Force Uninstall.


It is suggested that you should try the Uninstall function first before you use the Force Uninstall mode. Click on OK if you have already tried that before. If not, click Cancel and give Uninstall a try.


You have to select either the program or the installation path for scanning its components.


Click on Next to start the full scan on the system.


The registry key of the unwanted program will be listed in front of you. If you want to remove the program completely, select them all and click on Next. And then all traces about Pro PC Cleaner will be erased.


Manual Removal Guide

① Kill the Process of Pro PC Cleaner

Bring up Task Manager directly in Windows by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. (Available for all Windows users)

In Processes tab, find PPC-software which represents the activity about Pro PC Cleaner. You may find that this program is consuming excessive CPU utilization.



Right click on it and select End task.

② Uninstall the Program from Control Panel

Windows 7/Vista

Click the win7-start-orb-loader_12210Start menu and open Control Panel.



Click on Uninstall a program when you view your computer’s settings by Category.



Find PPC-software from the list of all your programs, select it and click Uninstall.



You will see a prompt letting you confirm your action to uninstall this program once you click on Uninstall button.

Click Yes to confirm that.

Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner with Perfect Uninstaller-4

And then Pro PC Cleaner will be uninstalled from your PC within a few seconds.

Windows 7 Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner successfully

Windows 8/8.1

Move your cursor to the lower-left corner of the screen on desktop and right click on there.

Select Control Panel from the list.



Click on Uninstall a program when you view your computer’s settings by Category.

Windows 10 Uninstall a program

Find PPC-software, right click on it and select Uninstall. uninstall-pro-pc-cleaner-windows-8


Confirm that you want to completely remove this program and all its related files from your computer by clicking on Yes.



Click on OK and the uninstallation is complete.



Windows 10

Type PPC in Cortana Search box to search Pro PC Cleaner application, right click on it in the Best match and choose Uninstall.



The setting page of Programs and Features will open.

Select PPC-software from the list and click on Uninstall button.


The confirmation dialog box will pop up when you want to uninstall a program which is meant to prevent accidental deletion of software.

Click on Yes to confirm program uninstallation.



Click on OK to finish the uninstallation process.



③ Delete the Software Registry Key

Windows 7/Vista

Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open field, and then click OK.



Find the registry key as showed below and delete them:








Delete those registry files by pressing Delete key.

Reboot the computer.

Windows 8/8.1

Get to the Search bar by pressing Windows+F, type regedit into the search box, choose Apps and select regedit in the search result.



When the registry editor opens, find the registry key as showed below and delete them:








You can also search related registries by searching keywords like: PPC or Pro PC Cleaner so that you can clean more junk registry keys.

Make sure you want to delete these keys and their subkeys for good by clicking on Yes.



Restart your PC finally.

Windows 10

Right click on the Start menu button and select Run option.



Type”regedit” into the search box and click on OK.



When the registry editor window opens, find the registry key as listed below and delete them:








Restart your computer system to ensure this program has been uninstall successfully.

However, the manual methods above cannot ensure a complete uninstallation of Pro PC Cleaner. There could be omissions like broken file references, incorrect registry entries, junk files and packages that can be found cluttering inside the system.

The quick solution to get rid of Pro PC Cleaner is to use a professional uninstallation program like Perfect Uninstaller.It not only removes the software by the program’s build-in uninstaller, it also scans and removes all leftovers quickly and thoroughly. Click the button below to uninstall the unwanted program now!


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