Hi, I’ve always been a loyal customer of RealPlayer. It’s simple to use for me and it also offers a better experience for me, but somehow its download feature stopped working several days ago. I tried resolving the issue by uninstalling the current version and reinstalling it after that, but I was stucked in the first step. I can’t find RealPlayer in Windows’ Programs and Features. I also look for the built-in uninstaller of the player in its default installation directory but no luck. How can I uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer in Windows 7? I want it restore normal functions and get to work again. Can anyone help?

Such a problem might be the result from the missing of uninstall component. Given the above conditions, the reporter is advised to download a new installation file of the latest version and install the program again directly to overwrite the previous version. And then the user would be able to perform a complete uninstallation. If there is any further problem, the user is suggested to try Windows cleanup utility. An extra uninstaller could come to your help when the normal uninstall method fails.

You can get a powerful uninstaller from our site by clicking the download button below. It is easy and safe to use:

The following section provides an overview of some basic information of RealPlayer including its latest features, installation process and the methods to uninstall it. If you are interested in this program and want to learn more about it, please keep reading.

About RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a cross-platform media player application that developed by RealNetworks. It has always been well received by a large number of computers users since it launched its first version in April 1995. It was just a simple audio player in the beginning, but it has developed much in decades and it is more than a media player now. This media player was originally used as a plugin to watch streaming video or play streaming audio file, while there are more and more useful features added according to demand of times.


In 2011, RealPlayer has the capability to enable users to move video, audio file, and picture between computer and mobile devices. Due to the extensive optimizations made on the player, users can even share the link of their videos and photos with others on social media sites like Facebook, but what is more important should be that users are allowed to download videos from other popular online video websites like YouTube and Vimeo. A lot of users want this feature most as there are videos that they love so much as the video websites do not provide download service.

Last year, RealNetworks made a significant change to RealPlayer which is a little confusing and hard to accept for some users. A new statement claiming that RealTimes replaced and integrated with RealPlayer is displayed on the official website of RealPlayer. Because of the evolution of the product, users have the chance to see the auto-generated “RealTimes Stories” that is composed of their own photographs and video archives. Users can keep their media files safe in RealPlayer Cloud. Moreover, since it is powered by RealPlayer, users are able to access their photos and videos anywhere and anytime as long as they upload them to the Cloud and use RealTimes application on their devices such as smartphone, iPad, Kindle and TV. Except for the common PC (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10) and Mac, RealPlayer (with RealTimes) also supports Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows 8 tablets, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Phone so users can easily play and manage their videos.


In an intensely competitive market conditions today, RealPlayer may not seem as popular as it used to be, but it is still one of the best choice for computer users to play music and video in various formats. It has always offered two options for users about its products: the basic (free) version and premium (paid) version.

Now let’s take a close look at what progress it makes in the latest RealPlayer 18.1.4.

The basic (free) version of RealPlayer 18 enables users to:

● Burn audio CDs (available for Windows users only)


● Convert video clips into many different media formats


● Download and play back videos


● Edit video files


● Play your music library and create playlists


● Create video stories (30 seconds for each single one) with personal photos and videos


● Add background music and filters in order to provide better viewing conditions


● Share videos, photos and Stories by email, text/SMS and other popular social media like Facebook and Twitter


● Upload videos, photos and Stories to RealPlayer Cloud (Auto-Upload is also available)


● Move and watch videos across multiple platforms

As to the features of RealPlayer 18 Plus, you may visit the SUPPORT page of RealPlayer for details.

Below are the minimum system requirements for RealPlayer 18 on a Computer with Windows OS:

Minimum system requirements for RealPlayer 18
Operating System:

Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate (32- or 64-bit)

Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, or Enterprise (32- or 64-bit) in Desktop Mode

Windows 10

Processor (CPU): Intel® Core™ i3
RAM (Random Access Memory): 4 GB
Storage: 1.5 GB available hard drive space
Supported Web Browsers: Chrome 50.0,
Mozilla Firefox 46.0,
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9,

Note: This software bundles unwanted software with installers. To install RealPlayer solely and run it on your computer without interference, please perform the installation wizard carefully and select custom or advanced installation option if it is available. Remember to remove the corresponding mark of the checkbox of the requirement that saying YES to install extra application on your PC.

By quickly clicking through an installation without any thinking or reading, it’s very easy for users to miss the right option avoiding unwanted programs and “agree” to get them. The illustration below is an example of how RealPlayer misleads users to install extra program. When users open the installation package, they will see the Next button is strongly emphasized in a blue background for drawing users’ attention, so it is quite easy for users to ignore the “Options” on the other side.



In some cases, the malware could be installed on the system once a user clicks on Next. However, the options in RealPlayer installation is about personalizing some program settings like the changing the installa location, Download This Video feature and making RealPlayer as the default player on the PC. Users can remove the check mark of the option they don’t like and then click on Next. It is common that some formal and legit applications foist their products into other programs to drive downloads.



It is not a surprise to see RealPlayer recommend other software for users to install. This time it invites users to install Norton Security Scan. Same as the previous step, the Agree button is placed in a visible position to guide users deliberately. Impatient users will click on Agree that is more obvious without reading so the unwanted program can catch the chance to get in the computer. You can say RealPlayer is crafty in this respect.


Except for Norton software, there is other application such as WinZip contained within the RealPlayer installer. All computer users should not be hurry when install a new program on PC. It is strongly advised to read through each installation step with all your attention. Remember to uncheck the options offering unrecognized or unneeded software.


In 90s, RealPlayer was a promising and it deserves praise, but it may be the time to admit it is not as magnificent as it was in old days. If this program causes any problem on your computer, you can use your RealNetworks account to contact support from RealPlayer team first. If you want to uninstall this application or have trouble uninstalling it, the following uninstall guide would be helpful to you.

How Can You Uninstall RealPlayer Safely?

Computer users may think that the program can be removed by using the usual uninstall method, but most of them might never think of the related components RealPlayer. To uninstall a program completely, the uninstall utility should also remove the related data, registry entries and files, however, the Uninstall or Change A Program function in Control Panel does not remove them fully. If you try deleting them manually, it could be exhausting while there is still useless file remains. Using a powerful uninstall tool to eliminate all the parts of RealPlayer would be a good choice for it also ensure the unrelated files will not be deleted mistakenly.

Please download and run the tool below to begin the full uninstallation of RealPlayer:


It is compatible for almost all versions of Windows including:

Windows NT/2003/XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10

Next, you need to double-click the PerfectUninstaller.exe icon to start the installation process.

Run installer of Perfect Uninstaller

Read the License Agreement, choose “I accept the agreement” and click on Next >.



C:\Program Files\Perfect Uninstaller would be the default destination where this uninstaller will be installed in. You can change the installation destination at will.



You are allowed to add a desktop icon and a Quick Launch icon of Perfect Uninstaller. If these additional icons are unneeded, deselect the unwanted option and click on Next >.



The setup file now is ready to start installing the uninstall tool on your system, you may need to review your choices of the installation settings. If you want to change any of them, click on < Back button. If not, click on Install.



Click on Finish and launch Perfect Uninstaller.

Install Perfect Uninstaller 6

Find and select RealPlayer (RealTimes) in the list of installed programs and click on Uninstall button.



Then you will be showed with the uninstall wizard, click on Next to continue.



It will list the steps to show you how it removes RealPlayer completely.


Select all the boxes and click OK.


Confirm that you really want to delete all selected items by clicking Yes.



The uninstallation of RealPlayer will begin at once.



The whole process will take a few seconds to complete.


You will be promoted to remove the residual file after uninstall the program.

Click on Yes and it will delete the junk files for you.

Please note that only the users who have the valid keys can use this feature. If you are an unregistered user, you will be asked to register for this product later.


It will start scanning the registry files as well as other remaining junk on your computer after you click on Yes.


When you get the scan results, click on Next to get rid of all leftovers.


Now RealPlayer and its components should be eliminated from the computer.

How to Uninstall RealPlayer Manually

The following steps require experienced computer users to be the handlers. When a user uninstalls a program from Windows via Control Panel or the program’s own uninstaller, it will leave remnants behind more or less. We need to remove all remnants after performing a standard uninstallation. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about computer, you could delete the wrong files and lose you data. More serious problems might occur if you modify the registry files incorrectly.

Please keep in mind that the manual uninstall method is not for every computer user and it does not guarantee a complete uninstallation!

If you get full understanding of possible risks, follow these steps carefully:

Before you really begin, please quit all running applications and end all activities of RealPlayer.

1. Open Task Manager on your computer.

Use the Ctrl + Alt + Del keyboard shortcut and you will see the Lock Screen.

Select Task Manager from the menu.



2. End the Process of RealPlayer
In the Processes tab, you can view all running process on your computer.
Select the process about RealPlayer and then click on End task.



Now you can start to uninstall the program.

Windows 7

1. Confirm that you have closed this program completely.

2. Click the Windows Start icon on the desktop, choose Control Panel and click on Programs and Features when you view by large icons.



3. Select RealPlayer (RealTimes) and click the Uninstall/Change or Uninstall button.



4. A new dialog window showing check box choices of components that are available for uninstall will appear. It is recommended to check them all so as to remove the software thoroughly.

Please be aware that removing Library will not delete your music files but only your playlists.



5. Be sure to remove the selected items and click on Yes.


6. The uninstallation will be in process.


7. It will get done quickly and you can click on OK to complete it.


8. Open the Registry Editor via Run command by pressing Win + R keys at the same time.

Type “regedit” into the box and press Enter key.



9. As long as the Registry Editor shows up, use the Find function to search for any related items by entering keywords like “Real” or “RealPlayer”.


10. If you find any related result, select it and press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it from your computer.


11. Delete the following folders on your computer:

C:\Program Files\Real


C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Real

C:\Users\ Your User Name \AppData\Roaming\Real

C:\Users\ Your User Name \Local Settings\Real

12. Empty the Recycle Bin.

13. Restart the computer.

Windows 8/8.1
1. Confirm that you have closed this program completely.
2. Right-click on the bottom-left corner, and select “Programs and Features” from the Start Context Menu.


3. Select RealPlayer (RealTimes) from the list and click the Uninstall/Change button.

4. A new dialog window showing check box choices of components that are available for uninstall will appear. It is recommended to check all items in order to remove the software thoroughly.

Click on OK to go on.

Please be aware that removing Library will not delete your music files but only your playlists.


5. Be sure to remove the selected items and click on Yes.


6. The uninstallation will be under process of being completed.


7. It will not take long for it to get finished.

Click on OK to end it at last.


8. Open Registry Editor via Run command by pressing Win + R keys on the keyboard simultaneously.

Type “regedit” into the box and press Enter key.

Windows 8 type regedit

9. As long as the Registry Editor opens, press Win+ F key combination to search for any related items by typing keywords like “Real” or “RealPlayer” in the search box.


10. If you find any related registry key, select it and right-click on it and choose Delete.

delete RealPlayer registry-2 windows 8

11. Delete the following folders on your computer:

C:\Program Files\Real


C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Real

C:\Users\ Your User Name \AppData\Roaming\Real

C:\Users\ Your User Name \Local Settings\Real

12. Empty the recycle bin.

13. Restart your computer.

If the issue you’re having with RealPlayer remains unsolved, it is suggest that you scan and remove the application entirely by using a helpful too which can remove everything it scans about the target program. Some people may think it would be an another new trouble to download an extra program, but Perfect Uninstaller actually works perfectly for removing all remnants and speeding up the computer. Try it now!


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